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Interviewing Kent Purdy about The Consciousness Movement.

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Ok, today is the beginning of the journey of AWAKENING THE DIVINE WITHIN.  This is the first of a series of weekly video blogs on secrets, tips and keys to unleashing Love, Wealth and Vitality!

Through this journey we will be d-layering, d-cluttering and d-’emptying the bowl’ of our body, mind and spirit.   We will be discovering distinctions and processes around the topics of meditation, mindfulness, intuition and visioning; activating our divinity within to emerge.  We will be invoking our higher self, asking for clarity around our Unique Divine Individual Purpose and Calling.

We will also be learning how to communicate and co-create with the entire Universe; learning such things as Divine Principle and the Laws of the Universe.  Furthermore, we will be researching and interviewing successful conscious entrepreneurs, bringing you wisdom and enlightenment in the realm of developing your personal message, self-expression and entrepreneurial spirt!


Join me in the journey of AWAKENING THE DIVINE WITHIN!

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Its been called the sixth sense. It isn’t anything that can be scientifically proven; it’s the intangible, the ethereal, the intelligence distanced from reason and logic, a knowing. So, what is this thing called intuition?


For me, intuition is spirit (my higher self) communicating through a ‘knowing’ that guides and directs me on my personal path of truth. This ‘gut feeling’ transpires through the spiritual plane, beyond the bounds of space and time, beyond all reason or linear thinking. It is a natural faculty that serves our highest good, kind of like a GPS tracking system built inside of us, only it doesn’t direct us towards a certain position on earth, but rather navigates us towards our highest good. It is like a muscle built-in internally that navigates us and gives off alarms or ‘knowings’ when we get off track. It can also send flashes of insight, like a divine fortune cookie with pieces of wisdom of the future, a glimpse into our destiny.


Often, in our culture we have suppressed or dis-acknowledging this profound inner tool, denouncing it and therefore disempowering our abilities of it. If honed, it can often be the best faculty for making those tough decisions in life. Intuition can be strengthened through recognition of it; honoring it and building a feed back system with it. If mastered, it can be our greatest strength and ally. Even though it is immeasurable, it may be more real than the all the tangible material facts for guiding our lives.


I remember a time when I viewed intuition as some freaky inner knowing that only happened when something ‘bad’ was going take place. It was like some foreign alien that lived inside my consciousness that would chime in on a rare occasion via my gut to ‘keep me safe.’   See, for most of us we are born with this innate intuitive sense, but we suppress and oppress it, placing such value and significance on our logical minds. We learn all the facts of the world, getting indoctrinated through the school system, dismissing our own creative instincts, ending up loosing our true essence. It is a system of the blind leading the blind. Our culture places more value on such things as science over spirituality, making sense out of the tangible facts of this life, loosing tract of our natural abilities as an organism of species.


“The spirit of man is equipped with decision, will, choice,

volition, intellect and purpose.”

~ Ernest Holmes


So, the question is how does intuition play into your life and demonstrate what you truly desire?


My own personal story about intuition has to do with fulfilling my dreams and living a life I love. See before I learned how to be in touch with my intuition I lived a life of reaction, confusion and discord.  For most of my life, my intuition would speak to me, but I wouldn’t listen. Whether it was a decision I was making about work or an event I was planning on attending or a relationship I was in, regardless of how my intuition was trying to guide me, I wouldn’t listen. My intuition would say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and I would often do the opposite. It would even give me glimpses of future potential events as well and I would turn my head, obviously still needing to learn the hard way. Over time my intuition ‘muscle’ was dwindling down into a little weak noodle barely able to make a peep. Then, as I did more and more of my inner spiritual work and began to live in integrity I found that my intuition was exactly in alignment with this as well. It was if I had a wise advisor inside that would chime in to ‘let me know’ if what I was doing or who I was doing it was in alignment with my highest good. I would just know if I could trust someone. I would just know if a business meeting was going to be a waist of time or if I was supposed to be there. I would just know how a relationship was going to work out. I just knew…


“These channels represent spiritual capacities since each is an avenue leading to self-knowingness, and self-knowingness is the very nature and essence of Spirit. “ ~ Ernest Holmes


Today, my eyes are wide open from that eternal inner space, I view and experience intuition completely different. In fact, I can hardly differentiate intuition from any other aspect of my life because I live in such a transparent authentic way that everything is driven by my spiritual truth. My inner ‘knowing’ has grown so pure; I listen to my intuition as the captain of the ship of my life. I live from spirit now, instead of from the old school form of logic, which was reacting to life. Today, all aspects of my life are aligned with what my heart and soul desire.   Today, I don’t listen from my mind chatter or the linear realm, but from my gut knowing and from the spiritual plane.


Intuition is the spiritual guide within that is like an angels eye that reveals the unseen. It is the boss, the conductor, the pilot, the grand master; luminating the grandest path for our journey. When we live from spiritual truth our logical minds serve in conjunction and with perfect synchronicity of intuition. Intuition no longer is a separate faculty, but an instrument in the grand symphony of our Divine song of life.


“Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the

universal current of life.”

~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist










How to transform a Breakdown into a Breakthrough



Transformation through Breakdowns and Breakthroughs…

There is such beauty in the breakdown, such perfection! A way the soul and spirit demand a new reality to transpire…

BODY: When the body has a breakdown such as an ill condition, dis-ease, hormonal imbalance, weigh issues, chronic fatigue, etc. it is the spirit demanding to be heard. It is trying to communicate that something is out of alignment and there must be balance. The breakthrough comes when we listen and honor our highest calling, to live life to its fullest! We choose vitality!

“It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.“

-Meryl Streep

MIND: When there is a breakdown in the body or in the mind it all originates from beliefs. Do we believe we are worthy of health and high energy? Do we believe food is to nourish us or to temporarily entertain us? Do we believe that we are the cause or the effect of our bodies? When we realize we are not our beliefs, but that we are the creator of our beliefs, we are able to make new choices.

“You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well.”

-Wayne Dyer

SPIRIT: What comes first the chicken or the egg? What comes first, the breakdown or the breakthrough? What comes first, the cause or the effect? We know everything is created from spirit, so it begs the question: Has our soul already evolved, needing to create a new reality in the physical realm via a breakdown? We no longer view breakdowns as a negative thing. Now, we see them as the perfect divine portal to unleash the butterfly within!

“Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.”


The Big Bang



In the beginning…


As I envision God, the Source, the backing of the all energy, the omnipresent, I fantasize about what it would be like to be God before time and space, before the finite and the infinite.   As funny and as ironic as it may sound, I imagine it could get a little boring or, at least, I would desire to express or experience myself at a greater level. So, that poses the question, “How would something that is already everything experience more of itself?” Seems the only way would be to experience what it is ‘NOT.’


Hence, the ‘BIG BANG’…


So, approximately 15 billion years ago the diametrical opposite was created, the relative experience of an ever-expanding universe, experiencing itself.  However, I do not believe in non-duality and therefore, I do not believe in the concept of anything that is ‘NOT’ God. Therefore, in my opinion, the incident called the big bang did happen and it was also the first lie created in this universe, meaning it is the opposite of truth and therefore must persist (referencing the scientific data of ‘Persistent Current’). Now, that brings me to the second question to ponder, “What is truth?”


Truth just is, just as love just is. I’m not talking about relative truth, in form. I’m referring to ultimate truth, the truth that backs this entire thing called life and creation. Truth has no beginning or end, it simply is. The truth is that, collectively, we are God. We are eternal Spiritual beings, infinite innovators abundant creators. When I speak of the truth I’m talking about Divine Principle. You don’t have to believe it, but regardless it is the truth.


Yes, Science has proven certain laws and formulas for this universe and I am here to say they are essentially correct, they align with the Spiritual Laws of this ‘cause-and-effect’ universe. However, what science can not prove and never will, is that which backs what created those natural laws.


Here is a concept to explain how the laws of the universe were formed (aka Divine Principle):


Imagine that God does not exist in the time space realm, so, in order to experience its opposite nature, it had to create a limited context. This was the only way to experience the opposite of itself. This created the ‘cause-and-effect’ universe, this glorious realm of being able to experience being the effect of what it created. (aka, a masters of limitation).  It did this by creating an opposition, which create the resistance, ‘persistent current’.


Time and space is an agreed spectrum that serves to experience a limited creation. It is a lie because it is not our primary essence, yet it is still the truth scientificy and in a spiritual sense because we are all of it.   The creation of the lie is what actually holds the entire physical reality in place. If we decided to agree on some other form of creation we would instantaneously shift the entire physical spectrum. Hence, when you finally know the truth you become ‘in this world, but not of this world.


On a final note, Science has proven through the ‘Second Law of Thermodynamics’ that disorder always increases with time. This is true, as it the opposite in the spiritual realm, order increases with time as well. This proves, once more, how ‘The Law’ aka Divine Principle works. We can either be in harmony with the natural laws of nature or invert our free will to create chaos. Our manifestation abilities through form increase as the universe increases. So remember that what you create, you become the effect of. Be careful what reality you create for yourself. The choice is yours!



Honoring The Divine Feminine




Honoring The Divine Feminine…

Standing in total gratitude, it is a privilege to honor ‘The Divine Feminine’.  I recognize this infinite life force, this ever-giving creative, mysterious, unconditional eternal birthing within all of life.  The Divine Feminine, this Mother, she is ever-expanding in her gifts and her wisdom.  I recognize her it in everything.  I see it in the twinkling of your eye, I see it in the essence of your soul, I see it everywhere.  No words can begin to describe…  It is the unknown, blossoming creative source within all of us.

“What is The Divine Feminine,” I ask?

It has been displayed with infinite mythical figures, archetypes and deities, such as Venus, Athena, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Sophia, Shakti, Tara, the Goddesses, many Angels and beyond.  But, this is only the symbolic metaphor of The Divine Feminine, for The Divine Feminine has no name, no title, no identity.  She is formless, every changing, like the dress that flows as she dances.  It is in every man and woman, it plays no favorites.

This brings me to The Story of Deity Tara….  Deity Tara has been with me since I was a little girl, in fact, I am sure she has been with me for many life times.  The Story of Tara is about the truth prevailing.  It is said that Tara was born aeons ago, as the daughter of a king.  All through her childhood her fathers palace was always filled with wise men and a multitude of monks, living on the grounds.  She began to become extremely wise as well, living the principles of these great minds.  She became so wise, that one day the monks came to her and said that they had been praying for her.   They said they prayed that in her next lifetime she would come back as a man so she could take her teachings out to the world and serve humanity.  She said something to the effect that there is ‘not a chance’ she would come back as a man.  She declared in that very moment that she would come back as the embodiment of a woman until all of humanity, not only considered men and women equal, but knew they that the masculine and feminine lives in each and every man and woman.  We have created these dualistic forms which are just another illusion, teaching us through relativity, expanding our experience, delivering us to our greatness.

To Give is to Receive.  

Within the Cause is the Effect.  

To teach is to learn.  To die is to be reborn.

As within, so without.   

The Yin and the Yan.  

The Oneness. 

The Buddhist revere Tara as the greatest Deity, being the Universal Goddess of Compassion.  Tara’s embodiment translates into ‘The one who enables living beings to cross the ocean of existence and suffering.’  And so, I would like to honor and acknowledge each and every person who is doing their inner work and on the path of healing and enlightenment.  You are serving yourself and all of humanity, for when we heal ourselves we heal our ancestors and our future generations.

To honor The Divine Feminine is to honor each sacred moment of the eternal birthing of thyself and all of life.  Tonight, everyday and in this very moment we celebrate and declare the birth of our wholeness.  Yet, as we are re-born, we must be prepared for her emotions of anger and sadness that comes from years of not honoring her.  Allow the shedding of the negative energies, limited beliefs and anything that no longer serves the truth.  Experiencing the things we denied ourselves and therefore denied the entire world, we let go.  We no longer have to identify with this suffering, it is not who we are.

You are a Divine Infinite Creator…You have the key that turns the lock upon your soul, letting it out from the self imposed prison.  We can NOW,  give ourselves fully to life!

Furthermore, I invite you to not mold yourself into one of the archetypes of ‘The Divine Feminine’, but rather create from the eternal nothingness, birthing your Unique Divine Expression…..bringing your beauty, your gifts, your art, your perfect quirky personality…… Let go of the need of perfection to move forward, no longer trying to figure it out.  We see you and we love you!

I’d like to end with a Second Story of Tara…  It was also said that Deity Tara was born from the tear of the God, Avalokiteshvara.  He was looking down from heaven onto the world of suffering, weeping from witnessing the pain.  As his tear fell into a pond below, a beautiful lotus was born and bloomed… Deity Tara!  You are that lotus, you are The Divine Feminine, here to heal and bloom, here to transcend space and time into Heaven on Earth here and now!

The Inner Voice whispered, “Bloom.”

She responded, “I can’t, I’m not enough.”

The Voice said, “Bloom.”

“But I’m not ready,” She replied.

The whisper grew stronger, “Bloom so I can experience myself, experiencing myself.”

She sat, pondered and heard herself for the first time…

“Bloom into the most Gorgeous Expression of YOU!”





A Conversation about ‘It’s All Good’…

It is the catch phrase of the decade, “It’s all good.”  I’m not gonna lie, it took me years and years of work to evolve my consciousness enough to see a spec of good in everything, seeing how even things as unspeakably horrific as the Holocaust or 911, events  that could never be referred to as ‘all good’ perhaps still hold sociological value in the fact that they were ‘wake up’ calls to the entire planet & every human being on it.  Yet, I still couldn’t fully grasp the phrase.  Many more years went by, spending hundreds and hundreds more hours in meditation and prayer and then I finally got the perfection of all areas of life.  The phrase that summed up the shift for me….


This is the authentic phrase that, for me, sums it all up.  Ok, if we are One with Source, Divinity, God, what ever you want to call it, Spirit… then ‘we’ also created it all.  Follow me?  Ok, then everything up to this point is ‘our’ karma, so everything has been perfectly created through the choices we have made.   Doesn’t mean we have made good choices, but we have what we have created (Hence, it is what it is).  Therefore, the current circumstances of the entire planet is our inherited perfect creation!  This does not mean we have to like it, or accept it, or not do anything about it.  It just means that we have to see the perfection of the cause and effect of the choices we have made as a race and as the individual, black, white, male, female, young or old… Cro-Magnon, to this very moment,  in our Oneness.

“You are a function of what the whole universe  in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.” ― Alan Wilson Watts

We have free will and in this free will, we get all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Unfortunately and fortunately, the universe doesn’t judge, it simply responds.  So, if we create harmony it says, “Yes” and if we create chaos, murder or suffering, it also says, “Yes”.   There is no sin to the universe, it simply knows only, “It’s all good.”

I realize this may be a hard conversation for some and I, in no way, want to cause suffering to any.  In fact, my intention is to free us from suffering.  I invite you to take on the possibility that we choose everything that has and will ever occur to us.  I invite us to take on the potential that the most horrific incidences have been chosen by the ‘victims’ at a soul level, in order for them to take on that ‘calling’ in this life time.

And in seeing how ‘we’ created it all, ‘we’ get to take 100% responsibility and no longer perceive ourselves as the effect or victim ever again.  Now, we get to make new choices.  Now, we get to be the change we want to see in the world.  Now, we get to perceive ourselves in our Divinity!

When we see the universe as it is, inherently perfect, we are set free!  Love, e

Transitioning and Change



A Transformational Conversation about Transitioning and Change…

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach

Often, we fear change, the unknown, grasping onto an identity or something as if it is who we are, feeling like it is the end.  It may be a relationship or a career, a home or a pet, a life we have lived or maybe just a moment….wanting to hold onto it for eternity, feeling like we would lose the actual meaning of life if we were to no longer have it.  These endings may feel like a process of dying, yet there is no such thing for we are not these bodies, nor any circumstance.  We are eternal spiritual beings, therefore there is only life, a constant expanding of oneself into a grander version of oneself.  There is no end to life, nor to any relationship, they are all eternal!  There is no death, only transformations of relativity that nudge us to a greater experience of it all.

The fact is, change requires us to always let go of something, whether it be a limited belief, a stipulation, a way of being or even a body at times.  Life is but change, the grand evolution, the transition, the ever birthing and re-birthing of thy self.  Life is not stagnant, all there is is change.

So, you may be asking yourself, “Why do we have to go through all of these changes?  Why do we have to go through transition?” 

There are as many answers to that question as there are human beings, but one must know that there is a grand design to it all…. destination, Oneness and Love!  To know this, we first must ‘not know this.’  This is the paradoxal journey.  The paths to this destination are vast, more than all the grains of sand on this planet….it is so complex and yet so simple.  Potentially, no one can tell you or teach you, it can only be experienced….Hence, the design and ‘why’ we have to go through these changes.  As Robert Frost so elegantly tweaked the Chinese Proverb, “The only way out is through.”

So, to love is to know it in all forms, all emotions, all relativity, all suffering, all transformation, all experience.  So transitioning and change is just more of that!!!  It is the process of disintegration and reintegration, in which the wisdom transpires through the matter into the grand metamorphosis  …. All for the purpose of knowing thyself, which is one thing… LOVE!

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,

we are spiritual beings having a human experience. ” 

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


5 Steps to Manifesting your Dreams through FAITH

Photo - Freedom Clouds 

Faith is complete trust and confidence that everything is unfolding perfectly, that everything I truly desire is my destiny, that all is Good.  Faith is not based on proof through the external world, it is based on Spiritual Truth and Divine Principle.

3 Steps to Manifesting through Faith: 

1.  Know the truth, that there is only One Divine Source and Substance backing all of life… And YOU are that!

2. Ask with clarity and conviction for that which you desire!

3. Pray (Prayer means to expand your consciousness, unleashing the infinite innovator within to reveal who you need to BE to manifest and demonstrate that which you desire). Take the inspired action that is revealed through prayer.

4. Have Faith …Use Affirmative Prayer to hold the truth of your dream as destiny.  Do not EVER allow anything to enter your consciousness that weakens the conviction of your dreams. Do not question if or when your desire will manifest.  Do not allow any negative thinking to enter your mind.  Do not base your faith on anything from the past. Remember that principle is not bound by precedent!

5. Allow your Dream to Become Reality!  Now simply follow your bliss and allow the universe to unveil the destiny of your dream to be reality!


Thomas Troward on Faith

Thomas Troward was a true believer in faith.  He spoke of faith and as us being ‘The Divine Ideal.’  His work was profound, in that, it taught us lessons of ‘how’ to live from faith and Divine Principle and not from circumstances.  He affirms that the cause IS Spirit and that this entire world is the effect.  We are that Spirit…We are the cause!

In his book ‘The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science’ he talks about manifestation and demonstration.  He says everything in our lives is a demonstration of our creation within our own minds.  There is One mind, One Source, One Spirit… We are that!  He goes on to say that all growth proceeds from Divine Principle.  The law of growth is constantly expanding.  Our ultimate purpose is to enjoy life!  We take this law of potentiality and direct it consciously….this is how we live out our purpose, which is to enjoy life!

We block Divine Potentiality with everyday logic.  Mans argument is that what has not been in the past, can’t be in the future.  This argument has no weight….It is a lie!  We are not our circumstances.  We are not limited.  We are not anything less than infinite potential.

“Principle is not bound by Precedent”  – T.T. 

So the question remains: Why are we not demonstrating or why is our faith not manifesting? Troward says that it is because we have introduced something antagonistic to Divine Principle.  The error is that we believe that Divine Principle can be effected by the material world and that we believe we are limited by our surrounded conditions of life.  The moment we question Divine Principle and lose faith, is the moment the universe has to agree with us, by corresponding perfectly and proving our belief that it doesn’t work.

“In order to keep faith, we must allow nothing to

enter our thought which will weaken this conviction.”  

~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind p.159

Thomas Troward goes on convey that one of the confusions of faith or Divine Principle is that we feel we are the effect.  We could even state that we are the effect of what we created, but that is a lie as well.  The truth is that we are NEVER the effect.   It is just an illusion that we are an effect!  We may experience the falsity that we are the effect, but we are never the effect.

When we live in alignment with Divine Principle, we don’t believe our conditions as fact, we view them only an opportunity to ‘KEEP THE FAITH’.  We see the material world as the effect. When we keep the faith, we no longer get caught up in how long it takes to manifest and demonstrate.  We realize we are embryos in our creative abilities and directing The Law. When we are experiencing circumstances that have us question our faith, instead of thinking or analyzing we should pray.  Prayers main purpose is to alter our perception and to know the truth, to see opportunity where there is suffering, to have compassion where there is hate….. to know we are the creator…….. To live in accordance with Divine Will……. To be set free!

“Come to the edge.’ ‘We can’t. We’re afraid.’ ‘Come to the edge.’ ‘We can’t. We will fall!’ ‘Come to the edge.’ And they came. And he pushed them. And they flew.”

-Guillaume Apollinaire 

Having a Daily Spiritual Practice allows us to live on faith and Divine Principle.  It confirms our commitment to living our purpose of enjoying life!  Gradually, as we get in alignment with truth we begin to have confidence in Faith.  We will begin to argue from the positive side of things rather than from the negative side of things. What we focus on will begin to expand.  Are you committed to lack, hate, scarcity….. or are you committed to abundance, prosperity, harmony, peace and love.

Three fold Principle to practice Faith:

1.  General life principle (Knowing that there is One Source, One Force, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Potential, Everything is connected, Everything is Divine)

2.  Localization of this principle in the individual (We are that Source, We are that Force, We are Infinite Intelligence, We are connected to Everything, we are Divine)

3.  Law of growth (It is always expanding, harmonizing, creating, our purpose is to enjoy life!)

What we think about, most of the time, is what directs our lives.  What does your mind focus on most of the time?  Do you focus on problems?  Do you focus on what you want to create? Do you feel abundant or scarcity?  Do you talk about what is wrong with people or what is right with people?  Do you affirm that anything and everything is possible or do you argue why things won’t happen?

When we align ourselves with truth….. Life expands in ways we never could have imagined it to go.  We step into the unknown….. We leap into the miracle of Faith.  So, I say………….keep the faith and know the truth!


“Keep the faith and know the truth”


Science on Faith…


What comes first the chicken or the egg? Currently, science and spirituality would say neither, the observer comes before the chicken and the egg.  Science and spirituality are finally merging, both supporting some of the same truths. They now, both believe cause and effect is in the eye of the beholder. Quantum physics is proving this through experiments showing that when a particle is set it into motion, it has multiple possibilities and will actually take on all potentials, but the moment a particle is observed it will display something completely different, taking on a particular form. The emerging truth is that the observer doesn’t only effect reality, it creates it. This may seem miraculous in the eyes of science, but it is what divine faith has stated since the earliest of our knowing.


” Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

– Albert Einstein

One study done by Dr. William A. Tiller proves that human consciousness “changes space.” He took very advance meditators and had them set intentions on metal devices. His studies and experiments showed clear proof that the intentions actually changed the ph of the metal devices. He even came to the conclusion that the entire laboratory was set with this new intention over time. This concludes that if you set your intention consistently your habit of intention will become reality.


“The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired.”  – Stephen W. Hawking

When we live from truth, we give up all beliefs and live on faith.  Knowing that ‘The Law of the Universe’ responds by correlating to our beliefs and actions, when we believe we are our circumstances, we live from scarcity….. it is a lie!   When we live from Divine Principle, we live from Faith.

When faith becomes our very essence, we have confidence and trust…. trusting Source, trusting ourselves, trusting the Universe.   We begin to have a ‘knowing’ that our lives are unfolding perfectly.  We realize that even challenges are just lessons or test of our commitments and that it is only within our own consciousness where ‘things’ are formed.

Faith to me means to live with no effort.  My only job is to release anything that is not the truth by staying connected to Source and Divinity.  The only thing to do is to follow my bliss and calling, with ease and grace.
Keep the Faith!
Love, e

Free Will


A Transformational Conversation about Free Will…

( Disclosure: I honor each and every single unique perspective and opinion regarding ‘free will.’  I invite you to read this viewpoint with an open mind and implement it into your practice only if it serves you to live more in alignment with your truth.)

Free Will aka Divine Principle

Divine Principle is the principle of creation.  Ok, given we are eternal spiritual beings, embryonic God’s and Goddesses, birthed to live and create… We are already whole, perfect and complete just as we are; however, we are eternally evolving and expanding the collective consciousness through relativity. We are the great paradox, an individual and the entire Universe. We have chosen to experience every multitude of existence within the Universe and beyond.

So, we are born into what we have already created, the reality at hand, along with all the laws in this realm, a cause and effect Universe. Our birthright is ‘free will’, and with that we get all that goes along with it, able to skin our knee on the jungle gym of life and able to innovate creations that take us to the Moon.  We are able to create our own heaven or hell, harmony or chaos.  We are able to move beyond the vicious human cycle or we are able to live eternally in insanity.  Unfortunately and fortunately, the choice is ours along with the determination.   What we chose to create with our powers is our ultimate destiny.

And so we expand…

One of the possibilities of our purpose or goals in this life is to learn to develop our ability to direct our ‘free will’ through the use of the law of ’cause and effect.’   Just like raising our own children, the goal is for them to move beyond survival into thriving. We already and always have 100% free will, but as we consciously direct it we experience feeling as though we have more of it and vice versa.


Harmony or Chaos 

Ok, so we have FREE WILL and we can either create HARMONY or CHAOS.  This is very clear, harmony is acting in accordance with the natural laws of the Universe and chaos is working against the laws of the Universe.  Harmony is reflecting back that which you are and chaos is transposing the opposite of what you are.  They are both using the same energy, just differently.  For example, when you say one thing and do another, you are creating chaos. When you are honoring your truth and doing what you say, you are creating harmony.  When you put toxic food into your body, you are creating chaos.  When you are eating vibrant food that assists the body you are creating harmony.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ per say, only cause and effect.  The Universe doesn’t judge or label things ‘good’ or ‘bad’ just responds and correlates accordingly.

The Irony:

To the degree we create harmony, working with the natural laws of the Universe, we experience the perception of having more free will.  

To the degree we create chaos, working against the natural laws of the Universe, we experience the perception of having less free will. 

When we create harmony, we experience our abilities of ‘free will’ expanding. We, literally, experience the truth of who we are and therefore, are in alignment with our true essence; therefore, we perceive ourselves to have more ‘free will.’  We get into the flow of life and life flows with us.

When we create chaos, we experience our abilities of ‘free will’ lessen.  To the extent we create anti-survivial behavior, we experience the perception of loss of power.  We get confused because we are not living in accordance to our authentic selves.  Our minds have to recreate the thought into form over and over again, in order to have it add up, but it never will until we choose harmonic action.  It is like a calculator with a stuck button, chaos will never add up correctly.

Law of Correspondence:

The Law of Correspondence states that what we create reflects back to us. When we create harmony, we instantaneously experience harmony.  So, when we create chaos, we instantaneously get back chaos. In fact, the moment we assign a negative or positive meaning to something, we instantly feel the negative or positive effect.  The only difference is when we create chaos it has to reflect back to us over and over again until we choose to create harmony because this is our true nature.

1.  We either learn and adjust to harmony, bringing us to our natural state of expanding into happiness, joy and fulfillment.


2. We keep doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result… Insanity!  This is the vicious human cycle which includes everything from apathy, compulsion, depression, dysfunction to addiction.   Instinctually, we are programmed for harmony.  When we create transgressions we tend to become compulsive.  It is our spirit trying to create a breakdown or a low to learn the lessons we need to learn in order to choose harmony instead.


Going beyond the suffering and strife, we peer through the veil of amnesia to our birthright, free will.  We embark on the epiphany that we chose it all, the relative experience of free will through the apparency of limitation.  An analogy might be a parent who has to let go of their child’s hand in order to play on the jungle gym.  They know their son/daughter might get hurt, but if they are ever going to raise their child to be independent they must let them climb by themselves. The irony is in the physical realm, free will comes with it all … the good, the bad and the ugly.  It comes with scrapped knees, bruises and, some times, even a broken arm.  Bottom line, we have learn from our suffering and the choice to harmony or chaos.  One day, we reach the top of the jungle gym, wrap our legs around the metal monkey bar and let our body spill to an exhilarating upside down sway, exclaiming, “weeeeeee”.  We giggle out loud, as if we have been told the ultimate cosmic joke, understanding the Divine Plan we created for ourselves.  Our eyes are wide open!