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Faith is complete trust and confidence that everything is unfolding perfectly, that everything I truly desire is destiny, that all is Good.  Faith is not based on proof through the external world, it is based on Spiritual Truth and Divine Principle.

3 Steps to Manifesting through Faith: 

1.  Know the truth, that there is only One Divine Source and Substance backing all of life… And YOU are that!

2. Ask with clarity and conviction for that which you desire!

3. Pray and Move your Feet (Prayer means to expand your consciousness, unleashing the infinite innovator within to reveal who you need to BE to manifest and demonstrate that which you desire. Through prayer we also release any limited beliefs that are within our consciousness, allowing ourselves to flow in abundance and love). Take the inspired action that is revealed through prayer.

4. Have Faith …Use Affirmative Prayer to hold the truth of your dream as destiny.  Do not EVER allow anything to enter your consciousness that weakens the conviction of your dreams. Do not question if or when your desire will manifest.  Do not allow any negative thinking to enter your mind.  Do not base your faith on anything from the past. Remember that principle is not bound by precedent!

5. Allow your Dream to Become Reality!  Now simply follow your bliss and allow the universe to unveil the destiny of your dream to be reality! Release outlining, controlling or forcing anything to manifest.  Allow your Divine Essence to unveil the state of Grace within to transcend your truth into physical form!

Thomas Troward on Faith

Thomas Troward was a true believer in faith.  He spoke of faith and as us being ‘The Divine Ideal.’  His work was profound, in that, it taught us lessons of ‘how’ to live from faith and Divine Principle and not from circumstances.  He affirms that the cause IS Spirit and that this entire world is the effect.  We are that Spirit…We are the cause!

In his book ‘The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science’ he talks about manifestation and demonstration.  He says everything in our lives is a demonstration of our creation within our own minds.  There is One mind, One Source, One Spirit… We are that!  He goes on to say that all growth proceeds from Divine Principle.  The law of growth is constantly expanding.  Our ultimate purpose is to enjoy life!  We take this law of potentiality and direct it consciously….this is how we live out our purpose, which is to enjoy life!

We block Divine Potentiality with everyday logic.  Mans argument is that what has not been in the past, can’t be in the future.  This argument has no weight….It is a lie!  We are not our circumstances.  We are not limited.  We are not anything less than infinite potential.

“Principle is not bound by Precedent”  – T.T. 

So the question remains: Why are we not demonstrating or why is our faith not manifesting? Troward says that it is because we have introduced something antagonistic to Divine Principle.  The error is that we believe that Divine Principle can be effected by the material world and that we believe we are limited by our surrounded conditions of life.  The moment we question Divine Principle and lose faith, is the moment the universe has to agree with us, by corresponding perfectly and proving our belief that it doesn’t work.

“In order to keep faith, we must allow nothing to

enter our thought which will weaken this conviction.”  

~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind p.159

Thomas Troward goes on convey that one of the confusions of faith or Divine Principle is that we feel we are the effect.  We could even state that we are the effect of what we created, but that is a lie as well.  The truth is that we are NEVER the effect.   It is just an illusion that we are an effect!  We may experience the falsity that we are the effect, but we are never the effect.

When we live in alignment with Divine Principle, we don’t believe our conditions as fact, we view them only an opportunity to ‘KEEP THE FAITH’.  We see the material world as the effect. When we keep the faith, we no longer get caught up in how long it takes to manifest and demonstrate.  We realize we are embryos in our creative abilities and directing The Law. When we are experiencing circumstances that have us question our faith, instead of thinking or analyzing we should pray.  Prayers main purpose is to alter our perception and to know the truth, to see opportunity where there is suffering, to have compassion where there is hate….. to know we are the creator…….. To live in accordance with Divine Will……. To be set free!

“Come to the edge.’ ‘We can’t. We’re afraid.’ ‘Come to the edge.’ ‘We can’t. We will fall!’ ‘Come to the edge.’ And they came. And he pushed them. And they flew.”

-Guillaume Apollinaire 

Having a Daily Spiritual Practice allows us to live on faith and Divine Principle.  It confirms our commitment to living our purpose of enjoying life!  Gradually, as we get in alignment with truth we begin to have confidence in Faith.  We will begin to argue from the positive side of things rather than from the negative side of things. What we focus on will begin to expand.  Are you committed to lack, hate, scarcity….. or are you committed to abundance, prosperity, harmony, peace and love.

Three fold Principle to practice Faith:

1.  General life principle (Knowing that there is One Source, One Force, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Potential, Everything is connected, Everything is Divine)

2.  Localization of this principle in the individual (We are that Source, We are that Force, We are Infinite Intelligence, We are connected to Everything, we are Divine)

3.  Law of growth (It is always expanding, harmonizing, creating, our purpose is to enjoy life!)

What we think about, most of the time, is what directs our lives.  What does your mind focus on most of the time?  Do you focus on problems?  Do you focus on what you want to create? Do you feel abundant or scarcity?  Do you talk about what is wrong with people or what is right with people?  Do you affirm that anything and everything is possible or do you argue why things won’t happen?

When we align ourselves with truth….. Life expands in ways we never could have imagined it to go.  We step into the unknown….. We leap into the miracle of Faith.  So, I say………….keep the faith and know the truth!

“Keep the faith and know the truth”

Science on Faith…

What comes first the chicken or the egg? Currently, science and spirituality would say neither, the observer comes before the chicken and the egg.  Science and spirituality are finally merging, both supporting some of the same truths. They now, both believe cause and effect is in the eye of the beholder. Quantum physics is proving this through experiments showing that when a particle is set it into motion, it has multiple possibilities and will actually take on all potentials, but the moment a particle is observed it will display something completely different, taking on a particular form. The emerging truth is that the observer doesn’t only effect reality, it creates it. This may seem miraculous in the eyes of science, but it is what divine faith has stated since the earliest of our knowing.

” Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

– Albert Einstein

One study done by Dr. William A. Tiller proves that human consciousness “changes space.” He took very advance meditators and had them set intentions on metal devices. His studies and experiments showed clear proof that the intentions actually changed the ph of the metal devices. He even came to the conclusion that the entire laboratory was set with this new intention over time. This concludes that if you set your intention consistently your habit of intention will become reality.

“The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired.”  – Stephen W. Hawking

When we live from truth, we give up all beliefs and live on faith.  Knowing that ‘The Law of the Universe’ responds by correlating to our beliefs and actions, when we believe we are our circumstances, we live from scarcity….. it is a lie!   When we live from Divine Principle, we live from Faith.

When faith becomes our very essence, we have confidence and trust…. trusting Source, trusting ourselves, trusting the Universe.   We begin to have a ‘knowing’ that our lives are unfolding perfectly.  We realize that even challenges are just lessons or test of our commitments and that it is only within our own consciousness where ‘things’ are formed.

Faith to me means to live with no effort.  My only job is to release anything that is not the truth by staying connected to Source and Divinity.  The only thing to do is to follow my bliss and calling, with ease and grace.
Keep the Faith!
Love, e

What do you do when you find your boyfriend on Tinder?




Today, one of the ‘Trending Posts’ on Facebook reads…

“When you find your boyfriend is on ‘Tinder’… is it time to break up with him?”

How would you answer this question?

My thoughts ….

This is a fascinating question, for in the question lies the problem…

When we hold in our consciousness the possibility of being able to be deceived, cheated on or abandoned, we do not know the Divine Love within. In fact, it is the exact limited concept that attracts the exact circumstance.

Years back, I lived in the delusion of what I thought love was, some romantic ideal that would fill some void and confirm who I was, putting labels on it and trying to control it. I tried fixing, changing and rearranging myself and my partners… only to realize that it was my fear that was creating the vicious cycles to persist. It took a ton of healing to truly love myself and others unconditionally. This also meant getting clear on who I was and what worked and didn’t work for me… and what it took for me to stay in serenity. Unconditional love, sometimes meant letting go with total love.

So, back to the ‘Trending Post/Question’….

I have no answer, nor advice for that trending question. All I can do is speak my truth: Divine (my higher self) is my true partner…. I release relying on any one person for my fulfillment, happiness or love. I am here to express and give love and if that is with one person or many, so be it. If I am unable to love someone unconditionally, I have no business being in their life. Love needs no titles and will evolve into what ever it is meant to be. Freedom and abundance are what the universe desires to bestow upon us because it is who we truly are… It is our birthright. I choose to accept love exactly as it is or lovingly let it go:))

Love to read your comments!

What is your truth when it comes to love, relationships, dating?

Love, e

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Mind over Money


People often think that if they just had more money then their lives would be fixed. They focus on getting more money. What they forget is that it is their consciousness that got them where they are. They may have periods of time when they have more money, only to lose it again or succumb the same scarcity mentality of not feeling like they have enough.

They believe that money is something out there in the world, something to obtain. This is a delusional thought. If you study ‘rich’ people you would know that even they don’t hold their money, they actively allow their money to flow in investments and assets. And, just because someone is considered ‘rich’ on paper does not mean they have a ‘rich’ or ‘successful’ life. Quite often, it is the complete opposite, they are lonely and depressed. Their fortune leaves them enslaved to the concept and identity of staying rich.

Truly ‘rich’ people are rich because they have rich lives. They benefit the people in their lives by the gift that they are to the world. If you desire to be rich, begin to ask yourself, “What gifts can I bring to the world?” “How can I benefit the people in my life?”

True freedom comes from only One Source, Within! It is a state of mind, a way of being. The moment we think money is more powerful than the Force that we are, our Divine nature, is the moment you have created that to be true. You are worth more money than all the money in the world! You are an infinite innovator and a co-creator with the entire Universe! You’re only job is to remember who you are, Divine!

Some Universal Truth concepts about money to ponder…

The Universe is Abundant.

All conditions manifest from the use of our consciousness.

Limited thinking equals limited money.

Limitation is the inverted use of our nature.

Money is a symbol representing value.

How we use our money is a reflection of what we value.

More money will only accentuate the qualities of a person, so if you are chaotic it will bring about more chaos.

Money is an exchange, a giving and receiving flow. If you stop flowing, it will stop flowing.

If you want more of it, give more of it. Be of value. Be a benefit where ever you go.

Principle is not bound by precedent

Wealth is a state of being

Prosperity is your birthright

Love, e


A New Year… Really? Resolution… No more junk food (aka; my ass in skinny jeans without having to cover it with some hip sweater that hangs low). “Ugh,” my inner voice says. I want to give up before I start, head to Starbucks for a double frap with some java chips and climb back in bed, scroll down my Facebook news feed and check out who posted the best drunk #selfie from their New Years Eve Party. I already feel like a 2015 failure before noon. The mind chatter churps in, only it’s the good slave driving voice this time. It says, “get your toosh into meditation, lady!!”

So, I head into my morning meditation…

I close my eyes, awww, the amnesia lifts, butterflies start flying around my inner world. A rainbow with a Unicorn decorate the background of the heaven in my head (ok, maybe that’s a little exagerated, but I wanted to make the point of how good I feel when I meditate).

Then, the Universal truths stream into my consciousness as a knowing, “I am abundance, pure potential, total vibrancy, infinitude and beyond.”

Oh yeah, I am reminded, the universe only says, “YES!” It only creates! So, if I tell it ‘no’ more junk food, it only hears ‘more junk food’. I recreate my New Years Resolution as a possitive affirmation instead of a declaration of scarcity.

Then, another truth streams in, reminding me of the power of decision. I decide to live life fully, which means I choose to create myself to have high energy through eating healthy nutritious food and energizing my body with physical exercise that I am passionate about, like dancing.

And, finally I begin to imagine who I would have to be inorder to be someone who would be living a healthy lifestyle. What would I have to be committed to? My perspectives shift, I begin to feel even more blissful as my energy rises to the occassion.

How to create a RESOLUTION…

1) Make a decision: Be clear about what you want and use the power of decision.

2) Create it in a possitive form: The Universe only hears ‘Yes’! So, make sure you create your resolution in a possitive affirmation. Ex. I will not eat junk food will be heard from your subconsiousn or the universe as ‘eat junkfood’. So, restate your resolution as something like, “I choose to eat foods that are high vibration and highly nutritious.

3) The Power of Commitment! If you’re truly committed to being healthy, then throw out everything in your kitchen that is not in alignment with this commitment. Get the garbage can out and see how far you can throw that white bread and half bags of fried potato chips into it from.

My mediation session feels complete. I open my eyes and negotiate with myself, “I think I will walk to Starbucks!”


Here’s to the Crazy One’s…..

What is your greatest strength?

My Mom always said I was always ‘different’, that I never liked thinking inside the box.  She said that she would never forget the first day I came home from kinder garden and asked, “How old do I have to be to quit school?”  My Mom thought, ‘Oh no, I’m in for it.’

Next, she said she took me ice skating and I loved it. All the people at the ice skating rink went crazy for me and thought I had great potential.. I was a little toe headed 5 year old, I loved it and I was so young, so my Mom signed me up for classes.  She said I hated it because there was rules and I had to do what the instructor was telling me to do and when to do it.  She said that I just had too much of a free spirit to have any restrictions.

Then, she said she would never forget the first parent-teacher conference when I was in second grade.  She said the teachers said, “Erin is really smart, she just isn’t applying herself.”  The teacher went on to say, “When we are doing English, she wants to do Math and when we are doing math, she wants to do Science.”

She said I was a rebel at heart.  She went on to tell a story of when I was in junior high.  She said that one day I came home from school with one side of my hair shaved.  She got really upset with me and said, “You can’t shave your head, you’re are in trouble.”  She said the next day, I came home after school with the opposite side of my hair shaved.

Then, I grew up, graduated from high school and almost everyone I knew went off to college or was getting jobs working for a companies…. And I decided to drop out of college and become an entrepreneur, go figure!

In my opinion my greatest strength is my Divine Spirit, You can call it entrepreneurial spirit, thinking out of the box, free spirit, the rebel who doesn’t like rules, being ‘different’… Some people may even call me ‘crazy.’ That within me that is my highest self. The part of me that desires to expand, to explore, to push the limits, going beyond cultural dogma, evolving and soaring.


I see this same Divine Spirit in people I know… The ones that stand out, the ones that are evolving the human race beyond our habitual ways.  I see you… I see your Divine Spirit!

5 Ways to being true to your Divine Spirit…

1.  Lose your mind:  Let go of all the logical ways, the limited beliefs, and the mind chatter that misguides you. 

2.  Let go of social dogma:  Let go of all the things you have been taught that limit your creativity! 

2.  Be guided by your Divine Spirit:  There is a Source and a Force that you are that is an infinite innovator and creator! 

3. Be true to thyself:  Follow your heart and your dreams and the rest is history! 

My journey as that Divine Spirit, as an entrepreneur has been beyond challenging and yet it has put me into the top 5% of women in America. (This is very difficult to imagine because I am hardly wealthy when it comes to comparing myself to the same top 5% of men in America.)

Like all things in life, our greatest strength can also be seen as our greatest weakness from others.  I say, “don’t listen”… be true to thyself!

This Divine Spirit within has taken me on adventures and journeys, beyond the average persons comfort ability. I’ve gone alone into places around the world, where most wouldn’t dare to go, let alone by themselves.

My ‘craziness’ has allowed me to not live in the social dogma of fear. No, no… in fact, my greatest ‘fear’ as a crazy one is not living on the edge. I see ‘normal’ or commitment to being socially content as crazy.

It’s no wonder that my favorite song is ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley…

And that my favorite commercial is apple’s 1997 commercial about ‘The Crazy One’s’… Do you remember it?

” Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently, they’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, about the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things, they push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius … because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


So, here’s to the crazy one’s… Your Divine Spirit, your greatest strength!

Love, e




Express yourself…

What I know is that each and every one of us has a Unique Divine Expression and gift to bring to this world. Knowing this, I often reflect on my own and others highest calling and how to deliver the goods.

One of the best distinctions I have come to this year is around ‘branding.’ It is no coincidence that the best branding is a direct parallel to spiritual work. The work always comes down to one thing ‘know thyself.’

So, this is true when it comes to branding as well. People often look to outside sources to copy or mimic. Also, people often want to become something or display themselves as something other than they are.  People do this in all areas of their life, dating, networking, etc… but its a real show stopper when it comes to business.  They create businesses that are not congruent with who they truly are, creating ads that leave their audience intuitively feeling like something doesn’t add up.

The most successful brands and people in business are the ones who are authentic and whose products are congruent with who they say they are.  In the book ‘Just Listen’ by Mark Goulston, he talks about ‘Dissonance’ and how this is the number one thing that hinders peoples success. He states, “Dissonance occurs when you think you’re coming across in one way, but people see you in a totally different way.”

Here are 5 tips to EXPRESSING YOURSELF…

1.  Know Your Strengths: Ask yourself, your closest friends and your family what your greatest strengths are and then tailor your branding and marketing around those strengths. For example, if one of your strengths is being funny, you may consider bringing your humor into your marketing ads.

2. Know Your Weaknesses: Ask your closest friends and family what your weaknesses are and begin to address those within your marketing.  You can either begin to make fun of yourself or begin to take responsibility for them.  For example, the airline ‘Spirit’ surveyed their clients and found out that people were very unhappy with the service the airline was providing, so ‘Spirit’ began to run ads making fun of themselves for how poor their service was.  The ad campaign went extremely well, bringing their numbers up because people knew what they were getting when they would choose to fly that airline and, actually, began to enjoy the process of laughing with the airline instead of making them wrong.

3.  Be Congruent:  Make sure that your ads, your social media posts and any display of your brand or company is in alignment with who you authentically are and what your products and services truly are.  For example, if you are an actor that tends to do heavier roles, don’t tell your agent you can take comedic roles.

4.  Follow Your Bliss:  To be true to your heart and bliss, is to be true to your Spirit!  If we want our business to thrive, we must thrive.   Stay authentic to your bliss and your business will always expand. For example, someone’s whose strengths are innovation and seeing the bigger picture, yet they have created a business where they have a ton of paperwork and details, their business probably won’t do very well because they are not being expressed in the way that is their spirit desires them to be.  Another example, is someone who loves to be social, yet has created a business where they sit at a desk all day.

5.  Keep Surveying:  Keep asking your audience what is working and not working with your business and branding.  Know thyself, know thy brand!

So, the question is, “Are you presenting yourself or your brand, as who you authentically are?”

To be authentic is probably the most powerful stance we can take in any area of our life, personally and in business.

The point to all of this (in my opinion) is that there is only one YOU!

I believe that this distinction is the greatest breakthrough of our time in marketing and business. The best niche is YOU, the audience wants to witness and celebrate YOU!  So, don’t go following what others are doing, don’t look to the sick celebrity world, don’t mimic what the spiritually bankrupt marketers are telling you.

Find your authentic way!

THE WAY will lead you to the golden land…YOU!

Love, e



The Art of Happiness

So, you say you desire to be happy, but are you actually doing what it takes to be happy?


I remember a time when I believed happiness was something ‘out there’ in the world, something to seek, to find, to get… That mindset never got me anywhere, except to the land of suffering. It wasn’t until I understood what it took to be happy that I ended the insanity of the human vicious cycle. It took me rising to my highest self and taking responsibility for my own happiness. It took me releasing all responsibility of others to ‘make me happy.’

Now, I know happiness is something to create everyday, in every moment, in every way. This does not mean that I am delusional and make pie out of dog shit… It means that I create what it is going to take to have the life I desire!

Mastering The Mind

In the book ‘The Art of Happiness’ Dalai Lama speaks of the ACTIONS to create happiness.  He speaks of the ’cause-and-effect’ universe being accepted as a natural law.  He simplifies it by saying, “If there are certain types of events that you do not desire, then the best method of ensuring that event does not take place is to make sure that the causal conditions that normally give rise to the event no longer arise.   Similarly, if you want a particular event or experience to occur, then the logical thing to do is to seek and accumulate the causes and conditions that give rise to it.”  He calls this ‘The Way’….. which is to identify the factors that lead to happiness versus suffering and then eliminating the pre-suffering choices.

Well, this sounds good in theory, or if you are the Dalia Lama, but what if you know what you ‘should’ do, but find yourself doing the exact things you know will bring you suffering anyway?  He goes on to address this exact issue with the commitment of disciplining one’s mind.  This begins by focusing on what you do want instead of what you don’t want, saying that our mental outlook is the only thing that brings happiness.  He sums it up, “As long as there is a lack of the inner discipline that brings calmness of mind, no matter what external facilities or conditions you have, they will never give you the feeling of joy and happiness that you are seeking.”


Today, I will identify the factors that lead me to happiness and to suffering.  I will ask myself, “How can I eliminate the things in my life that lead me to suffering?”  I will spend time meditating, calming my mind, getting clarity and knowing my Divine Birthright to be happy.  Today, I will release the need to be comfortable through instant gratification, sacrificing for long-term fulfillment.  Today, I will take actions that I know bring me happiness!

Happiness is a clear choice, a conscious decision… a way of life!

Today, I choose happiness! End of limited story…

Love, e

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20 Years Ago….



20 Years Ago…

There is a moment in life where something happens, and life as you know it completely alters, your entire perception of everything transforms. That moment for me was 20 years ago. There I was in the middle of a cold dark room. The mortician said he would give me a moment to myself, as he closed the door. In the middle of the large dark room with red drapes and dim lighting was a hospital bed and on the bed lay my tiny babies body. I walked slowly to him, looked down, but he was gone. His body was already decaying from being in formaldehyde for almost 24 hours. I had come to the mortuary house to pick out his urn and say my last goodbyes. See it had been less than two days since he stopped moving in my belly. I had gone to the doctors just to make sure everything was ok, turns out it wasn’t. The nurse had put the ultrasound on my 9 month pregnant belly and looked at the monitor and realized the heart was not beating. I didn’t even cry, the shock put me straight into denial. The nurse immediately called the doctor and told me to meet him over at the hospital. When I got there he did further tests to confirm that my baby had died. He looked at me and asked, “Would you like to be induced into labor or would you like to go home and have the labor begin naturally?” “Oh my God,” I thought, “My baby has died and I now I have to give birth to his dead body!”

Four hours later I gave birth to my son’s body. The protocol for ‘stillbirths’ in the hospital was for the parents to grieve as much as possible, so they suggested that we bathe our baby, dress our baby and take pictures of our baby.  Six hours later we drove home without our baby.

So there I stood the next day, all alone, just me and my baby’s body in a dark room.  My throat tightened up with a lump of pain that seemed to hold the grief of the entire Universe. I stood there hopeless, feeling like God had abandoned me. “Why!?” I cried. “How could God be so cruel!?” The tears streamed down my cheeks, like rivers. My heart broke into a million pieces. Gravity took over my body like weights in my clothes. As I stood over his little body I realized he was gone. I would never meet him. He would never suck on my breast or wrap his entire hand around one of my fingers. He was gone. Neither devastation nor hopelessness couldn’t begin to describe how I felt. I cried and cried and cried, but then, like a flash of light, a miracle happened!

I realized that my babies body was still there in that room, but he wasn’t. I realized he was not his body, he was a spirit. In that moment, I realized I am a spiritual being. In that moment I had revelation. One can conceptually understand that we are not our bodies, but I got it on an entirely different level of ‘knowing.’ The fact that there was a whole lot more going on in this life than the one I had been living, hit me like a ton of bricks and in that moment, I committed to discovering my true essence of my spirituality.

The Quest 

They say, the hardest things we ever go through become the biggest blessings of our lives. This was exactly the case, I began the most amazing journey of my life.  It sent me on an intense spiritual quest to figure out what this life was all about, who I truly was and what the meaning of life was. Little did I know that I was about to embark on the greatest journey of my life, discovering who I truly was, how the Universe worked and our Divine Nature. I was about to discover a life beyond anything I had known.

It has been 20 years ago, today since my awakening in the morticians house.  It’s been 20 years that I’ve been on my spiritual quest, studying with geniuses and crackpots around the world, taking almost every spiritual class, workshop and seminar I could find, reading every book I could get my hands on, meditating for hours and days at a time.

Today, I no longer call it a quest because I am no longer trying to figure it out or find answers out there.  Today, I know who I am.  I know why I am alive and what my particular specific calling is.  Today, I have Divine meaning to my life.   Today, I have a 19 year old son, who is the most amazing beautiful person I know.

My invitation to you is to keep seeking and you shall find.  There are answers.  There is a guru inside of you that contains the wisdom of the entire universe.  You have a Divine Unique Calling and Expression within.  I invite you to join me, as we Awaken The Divine With!

What a journey!  Standing in that dark cold room, I couldn’t have ever imagined in a million years that I would be a non-denominational minister and spiritual teacher of Divine Principle and the Universal Laws.  Wow, what a miracle that baby boy was…

I am so blessed!   Love, e

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4 Powerful Steps to Clarity!


Clarity is Power

When we begin to know our true Divine essence, life gets clear.  When we begin to see people as they are, Unique Divine Expressions, choices get simple.  When we listen from our heart, we know our bliss.  When we stand in our truth and commit to living it out, the heavens align.  When we have clarity of our dreams, the providence moves too.

So, how do we get clarity?  We first have to know what clarity is and what it is not.  One definition of clarity is the quality of being clear, in particular.  Therefore to be unclear is to be in confusion or to have multiple intentions.

See, the entire universe is made up of energy and every intention we have directs that energy.  Through the Law of Pure Potential we are infinite possibilities.  So, if we don’t have clarity, the energy just swirls around in multiple directions.  Without clear intention and directing of energy, we become the effect of our own energetic patterns, feeling like we are being pushed in multiple directions.

The Universe listens to our intentions! When we send mixed messages out, we receive mixed messages back through the LAW OF CORRELATION.  When we are unsure about something or someone, we get back unsure signs.  When we do things half way, we get half ass results.

When we step into bold clarity we embody our clarity through the LAW OF ATTRACTION, naturally taking action to be that which we desire.

Steps to Clarity…

The first step in getting clarity is to simplify.  Distractions are the kryptonite of clarity.  When we simplify we begin to decrease confusion, allowing something to emerge within the silence. When we simplify our lives we quiet down the noise of the world and begin to observe what does and does not work in our lives.  In the clearing of the chaos, we are left with clarity.  This is why vacations help so much in getting clarity because we remove ourselves from all the moving parts of our lives.

Second step is to get clear on our ‘must haves’  of our lives.  We can do this by asking ourselves such questions as, “Where in life do I loose track of time?”  “When I am looking back on my life on my death bed, what would I regret if I hadn’t done it?”  “What are the things in life that I value the most?”  Through this process of reflection and introspection, we get clear on what we value.  This is why some people get clarity through traumatic incidents, like loosing a loved one or getting a life threatening disease, because it shifts values and prioritizes them instantaneously.  The spirit and the universe demands us to get our values straight.  So, I recommend actively and consciously doing the process before it is done for you through your higher self, the universe.

Third step is calling in your VISION from your higher self.  When most people think of a VISION they think of creating goals or some ideal scene.  This is not projecting out from your ego another vision board of material belongings you desire, this is a process of allowing that knowing within to deliver your highest and best self to emerge.  We can do this by asking more questions within meditation or when silencing our logical minds, “What is my Unique Divine Expression and gift to the world?”  Are you an artist, a signer, an conscious entrepreneur, a mother, a friend, etc.  Asking, “What is the vision for my specific gifts to give to this world.”  “How can I benefit the world and everyone in my life?”  “What knowledge and blessings can bring that will benefit the world?” This is the LAW OF DHARMA in expression.

Forth step is staying focused and staying in integrity!  This is a process of saying ‘no’ to anything that is no longer in alignment with the clarity and focus of your life.  This is the process of ‘following your bliss’ and allowing your life to unfold through the clarity of the present moment. Everyday we use the LAW OF INTENTION AND DESIRE to demonstrate our clarity into manifestation.  Life becomes easy and flows as we allow our natural love of to direct each decision.  We use the LAW OF LEAST EFFORT to enjoy every moment!  Yet, we don’t attach to the end result.  We allow the LAW OF DETACHMENT to deliver us to our VISION or something greater!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.” ~ Carl Jung 

We are Divine beings with a wealth of wisdom deep within us.  When we stay in our individual minds we get lost in our reactive minds, our exotic minds, our limited beliefs and our false reality of survival.  When we step into spiritual logic and get in touch with our true selves, Universal Intelligence.  Meditation, Spiritual Mind Treatment and Prayer are incredible avenues to unleash these truths.

“Close your eyes to see clearly, be still and you will hear the truth.”  ~ Ancient Zen Saying

Daily Spiritual Affirmation: I see inside my soul to infinity, I am clear!
Daily Action:  Today, I will know the truth is within.  I will not look to outside sources for advice, unless it is a mentor or a group that is in alignment with my spiritual principles.  I will simplify my life, focusing on what I am clearly committed to.  I will quiet my mind, allowing stillness!
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Interviewing Valeria Von Leczycki-Goncharova Barrett about Ascent Expo and Avant Garde Magazine. She is on the cover of the magazine this month! Her book ‘Revalution’ is a spiritual and consciousness book!

She is involved with the fashion part of Ascent Expo and Higher Connections. Ascent Expo is one of the largest consciousness conventions that will be held at Los Angeles Convention Center February 27- March 1st, 2015. This will not be a regular convention, we will have red carpet events, Fame and Philanthropy, Celebrities, Michael Beckwith, One World One Voice, etc.

There is a silent revolution going on in the world and it is the ‘Consciousness Movement’…. There are over 250 million people around the world that are taking there business, art, innovation, creativity to go higher!

Erin Fall Haskell is the spokesperson for Ascent Expo:)))

Join the Revolution!


http://www.erinfallhaskell.com http://www.ascentexpo.com

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