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The Big Bang

  In the beginning…   As I envision God, the Source, the backing of the all energy, the omnipresent, I fantasize about what it would be like to be God before time and space, before the finite and the infinite.   As funny and as ironic as it may sound, I imagine it could get a […]

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*Daily Spiritual Practice

Dear Divine, Creating fulfilling lives we love takes discipline of the heart, will and action.  We Create our world into existence by thinking, speaking and living ‘Divine Principle’.   Having a Daily Spiritual Practice allows us to live in alignment with our truth!  “It is done unto us as we believe” Divine Principle – knowing […]

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*One Day

Today, through our Daily Spiritual Practice, we affirm… Love is all I know, everything else is a lie. One day…. One day I will know I will know who I am And possibly, one day I will understand life, in all its glory I believe enlightenment is understanding Understanding we agreed to everything We chose […]

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