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Transitioning and Change

  A Transformational Conversation about Transitioning and Change… “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach Often, we fear change, the unknown, grasping onto an identity or something as if it is who we are, feeling like it is the end.  It may be a relationship […]

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Free Will

A Transformational Conversation about Free Will… ( Disclosure: I honor each and every single unique perspective and opinion regarding ‘free will.’  I invite you to read this viewpoint with an open mind and implement it into your practice only if it serves you to live more in alignment with your truth.) Free Will aka Divine […]

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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we live from… Divine Principle Creating fulfilling lives we love takes discipline of the heart, will and action.  Forming new daily habits, allowing ourselves to live in alignment with our truth and who we want to be.  We realize that we create our entire world into existence through our thinking, […]

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