“Hello, God?!”




What if you could pick up the phone and call God?

Imagine you had a phone that looked like one of those 1960’s retro types that had a direct line to God.  One of those phones with those old dials, where each time you dialed a particular number you had to wait for the round plastic turning plate to get back to zero before you could select the next number.  (God has always had some cosmic joking way of making us feel like we are waiting for an eternity!)

Imagine when this phone rings or when you want to dial out it’s to God, to the Universe and to that which creates everything.

What would you say?

Would you say, “Hey what’s hanging?” Or would you say, “I’m really mad at you!  How could you be so cruel!” Or would you begin to ask questions about life?


You are God

Now, imagine that when you call God you are actually calling yourself, your Highest Self.  Life is a Paradox…You are the Unique Divine Expression and GOD!

I invite us to consider that God is not some man in the sky, waiting to fulfill on every desire.  If God was some separate almighty power that solved all problems then there wouldn’t be world hunger in or wars going on.  We are the God’s and Goddesses in disguise waiting to awaken, waiting to be called upon.  We get to create heaven or hell right here and now.

We may experience God in its seemingly dualistic manner, as some separate entity in the sky, but the ultimate truth is that we are the great I AM! We are the individual and we are divine. As we expand our consciousness and awaken, we experience our divinity and our infinite power!  We have the ability to direct the energy of the entire universe for good!

We can pick up the phone at anytime and ask questions to our true self and listen.  We are the infinite intelligence waiting to be called upon, to be anointed, to be summoned.  We are the ONE we have been waiting for.  We are the second coming, the christ consciousness, the Buddha, the Allah, the Elohim, the Divine, the One, God.  No matter the name or choice of words, we are that!   We just have to realize it.  This is true revelation!

Ring, ring, ring….. Are you ready to answer the call?

Love, e


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