Anything and Everything is Possible




Anything and Everything is Possible…

What if we could change the past with the power of our minds????

So, today I got a phone call from my son just calling to check in and chat.  Every day or two he touches base, bounces entrepreneurial ideas off me and we brainstorm about different things.  First, he asked me how my day was and I responded, telling him about my divine day.  Then I asked him how his day was.  He went on to tell me about his Sunday and how relaxing it was hanging with his dogs.  After about a 20minute conversation, I asked if there was anything he needed or if there was anything I could do to make his day even better.  He responded, “No, all is good.  Then I asked, “Would you like me to know the truth for you about anything or do a prayer with you?”

(He knows when I refer to prayer work, I don’t mean asking for something from a man in the sky, but rather invoking the infinite innovator within, knowing the truth and shifting consciousness which in turn invokes Universal Law instantaneously.)

He responded, “Yes!”  So, I proceeded to go into prayer…

“In this Divine Sacred Moment, what I know is that there is One Infinite Life Force that has created all of life.  I witness in everything.  I witness this life force in Mother Nature and all manmade creations.   I witness it in the traffic on the streets of Los Angeles. I witness this creative force in the technology that connects us right now through these miraculous phones.

And I know that Coburn is this LIFE FORCE.  He is this infinite power all pure potential.  His authentic highest self is that which has and is creating the entire universe right now.  I know that he is connected and co-creates with all of life.  He is Divine.

I declare that Coburn know his divinity, his birthright of abundance, prosperity, wealth, health, wisdom and unlimited love.  It is revealed in the One Mind right now.

I stand in gratitude for having this amazing gift, called a son.  I am in gratitude for our friendship.  I am in gratitude for all the things he teaches me, for his open mind and receptivity to expanding and evolving.

I speak my word into the Universal Mind that is connected to my subconscious and Coburns subconscious. It is received, projected and reflected back through the law of correlation right NOW!!!  Knowing my word is the law… together we say AND SO IT IS!!!”

We both exhaled and then my son said, “Thanks.”  I said, “Have a wonderful day love.”  Then he said, “One last thing, I went to the mailbox today and there was a big check from Uncle Pat (name changed for confidentiality).”  I said, “That’s fantastic!” Then we both sat there for a moment, realizing the potential of the prayer we just did, “Mmmmm” we thought.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked.  “Yep,” he answered.

What if it was possible to change the past by expanding our consciousness through prayer in the present moment?  What if he hadn’t received that check in the mail from his uncle until we did the prayer and claimed his abundance in MIND???

What if life was truly like the movie The Matrix, where the programming within our minds actually creates reality? What if the moment we claim our abundance the Matrix of the binary code shifts, like the “slip-flap” display of numbers of an old train station.

Anything and everything is possible.  Love, e

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