Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to…

Create freedom through commitment

As we are revealed to ourselves, we experience the clarity of what we are committed to.  We are relinquished from confusion, angst, quandary, frustration and resentments. We witness our own wisdom, prosperity, health and love.  Commitment morphs from a ‘to do’ list or a goal into a state of being.  We surrender to our truth and let go of all reasons and justifications to not live it.  Our inner world and outer world align, bringing us peace and joy.  Our commitments feel abundant, releasing all fear and judgment.  We step into Divine grace, knowing that our desires are fully supported by the Universe. Letting go of attachment to the outcome, we stay present, living our truth.  We fall in love with every moment.  We experience total liberation!

Daily Affirmation: As I allow the truth to prevail through my commitments, providence moves too.

Daily Spiritual Practice:  Today, I will only say “yes” to the things that expand my life and bring me in alignment with my truth.



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