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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we…

Speak our World into Existence

We realize our entire world is created into existence by the words we speak, and the words we speak are the effect of our beliefs.  We know we are not our beliefs, we are the believer.  Our beliefs form into thoughts and thoughts become things.  We consciously choose abundant thoughts and words, shifting our entire realm of being.  We understand everything is created from the inside out. We witness how our conversations transform our relationships in all channels of our life.  We notice what we focus on expands.  We release all problems and begin to demonstrate fulfilled lives we love.  We undo the categorization of circumstances knowing each one of them is an opportunity to innovate, learn and grow.  We are liberated from our minds, our emotions and our old habits.  By speaking only good of others, we hold space for people to show up in their divinity.  Our conversations are like the artists individual paint strokes that, over time, make up the masterpiece of their life.

Daily Affirmation:  The words I speak are transforming my life with ease and grace.

Daily Spiritual Practice:  Today, I will notice what I speak into existence.  I will not focus on what I do not want and I will speak what I choose to create.  I will not gossip or talk poorly of anyone.  I will not have a pity party or create myself as a victim.  I will see the lesson and blessings in everything.  I will not stay in situations where my soul does not flourish, instead I will make follow my bliss.


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