Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we create…

Beautiful Breakdowns

There is such beauty in the breakdown, such perfection!  I invite you to consider that a breakdown is Spirit (our higher self) demanding a new reality to transpire within the soul!

So, the question is:  What comes first the chicken or the egg?  What comes first, the breakdown or the breakthrough? What comes first, the cause or the effect?  What comes first the caterpillar or the butterfly?

Knowing how Universal Law and Divine Principle works…  everything is created from spirit, so it begs the question: Has our soul already evolved, needing to create a new reality in the physical realm via a breakdown for the physical reality to align with the spiritual reality?

As we awaken, we no longer view breakdowns as a negative thing.  Now, we see them as the perfect divine portal to unleash our truth from within. Our culture seems to be so afraid of any breakdown, any upset or any emotional or communication conflict.  Breakdowns are often labeled “wrong” or “Bad,” yet they demand us to shift the way we view the world. This shift in consciousness has many blessings; altering our perspective on life, altering our relationships, possibly even igniting our DNA.

We are no longer the caterpillar, we are the butterfly!  In fact, we may consider that we have always been the butterfly… we just had to evolve through the relative experience in order to fully know our truth!

Daily Affirmation:  I AM the beauty of all of life!

Daily Spiritual Practice:  Today, I will notice where in my life I am experiencing breakdowns and I will ask myself, “What is my higher self trying to communicate?”


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