Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we…
You can think positive thoughts all day long, go hit the pavement with hardworking discipline, but until you believe you will never achieve. Consider, we have deep beliefs embedded in our subconscious mind that are running our lives. No matter what you do in your life, you will still get the same results until you release these automated limited beliefs and reprogram your subconscious with the truth.
We all have friends we witness who have the same issue over and over, just in a different form; Some people are broke, no matter what they do… Some people are always in dysfunctional relationships… Some people are constantly in arguments and breakdowns with their family, different year, similar issue. Linearly we believe that life happens ‘out there.’ For example, many people think that if they just get a new partner, a nicer partner, a richer partner then they will have a successful relationship. Until we release our limited beliefs and know the truth, we will be dis-empowered.
We are all looking through a subconscious lens, a self-fulfilling prophecy latent within our subjective mind, creating our predetermination of ‘the way it is.’ If someone’s core belief is that they are not worthy of love, then it doesn’t matter who comes into their lives, they will find a way to prove that person doesn’t love them. If someone’s core belief is that they will never have money, they will find a way to get fired or not have their business be successful.
What are your limited beliefs? How do you believe life is? What are your thoughts regarding relationships, money, health, family, friends? Do you have a scarcity mentality or an abundant mentality? How do you believe life is ‘the way it is’? How do you think people ‘are they way they are’? Who do you believe yourself to be? What type of person are you? Do you answer these questions with limitations or abundantly?
The best way to know what your beliefs are is to look at your life? You can know what your belief systems are by looking at your life. It is a tricky concept to look at someone’s circumstances, because that is not the truth of who they are, but rather a demonstration of their beliefs. It is easy to look at someone else’s life and see how their thought process is creating the same results over and over again, but it is a little more challenging to see our own patterns. This is because we only know what we know, believing life is ‘just they way it is.’
It is impossible to have success in your life until you understand your hidden beliefs that are running your life. Many people get what they think they want only to realize it was an inauthentic desire based on ego, insecurity and false identity. Most people spend their entire lives thinking that if they just get the next goal fulfilled, then they will be happy. They think that if they just get a better house, a better job, a better relationship then they will be happy. It will never happen, maybe for a minute they will feel content, only to get back on the treadmill of searching and seeking for the thing that will set them free.
Unconscious beliefs become the prison of our lives… When we understand the truth of who we are, we have freedom of choice. We become liberated from the chains of doing things out of lack and scarcity. We step into our wisdom and power of real choice. We get clarity of who we are. We are not our beliefs, we are the believer. Clarity equals power!
Daily Affirmation: I am not my beliefs, I am the believer!
Daily Spiritual Practice: Today, I will observe my life and unveil the limited beliefs that no longer serve me. I will take full responsibility for everything I have created in my life, good and bad. In my accountability, I will start to regain my power and make new choices!

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