I sat down with Balinese High Priestess Ida Resi Alit to hear her story.  Ida is the only Female High Priestess in Bali and the only Hindu Dharma who was not born into a prestigious family nor formally trained; In fact, she was born into a peasant family of farmers.  Her story is extraordinarily unique, in that, within the Balinese culture it is believed that only certain people whom have either been born into a prestigious family lineage or have had intense training can reach ‘enlightenment.’  Ida Resi Alit is a walking, praying, chanting, holy water blessing, proof of our ‘Divine Birthright’!!!!

I was blessed to spend the day at her ashram (Ashram Purwa Agung) she is building, about 45 minutes north of Ubud, Bali in the village she grew up in.  Upon my arrival, we were guided to a meditation temple towards to back of her compound, where we sat on traditional pink and brown pillows and began this glorious day.  She sang chants to me as we chatted about life, friends and her journey.  We bonded like long-lost girlfriends, born of Divine.  It was ironic to find out that we happened to know a few of the same people in the spiritual world back in the States…  I knew I had met a sister.

After the breeze has lifted our souls in connection, we journeyed over to her temple to begin the Purification Ceremony.  She requested for me to take off my shawl, leaving me in my traditional ceremonial gown.   She also requested for me to let go and allow what ever was to steam through me.  She began the ceremony by first praying, invoking spirit and connecting to source.  Then, she began to chant a foreign language beyond the earthly or humanly realm, what we refer as speaking in tongue.  It was so lovely, yet could be frightening if someone was not ready to surrender to the unknown.  Then, she turned her body back towards me, kneeling high up on a ledge.  I stood below and in front of her, anticipating what was to come.

And then it began, pitchers of holy water drenching me in a shower, vessels of chants, releasing of energies, purifying me to the truth.  She said, “Let it go,”  “Stomp your feet,” “This is a blessing!”  The only thing that kept going through my thoughts were, “I want to go home,” “I’m ready to go home”… Not in the traditional sense of wanting to go home, but to the home of heaven,  in my heart, to spirit, to myself.  I was ready to experience my true self at an even deeper level.  There is always another layer in this journey to ‘self’.

As the ceremony ended, I felt similar to something between a drowned rat and an enlightened being, haha.  I felt renewed.  It was like the amnesia had been shed away again for another eternal moment, bringing peace.  Then, I changed into dry clothes and gave hugs of goodbye, wondering what cognitions where to transpire out of such a lovely day…

Feeling blessed, I looked back on my time with this beautiful woman, Ida and ask myself what was it that I would like to write about?  What was the poignant point of this experience?  What stood out in my mind and heart?

I had researched the Priestess prior to interviewing her, reading about her profound story, her revelation, how she had come from a peasant family, had fallen into depression, began meditating, having out-of-body experiences.  I had read how, during a purification ceremony she went unconscious and then awoke with Universal Divine Truths.  I had read about her empirical journey, but this was not what I wanted to write about.

It was so much more than ‘her’ story…

What High Priestess Ida Resi Alit represents is all of our story, our birthright!  We all have the ability and potential of enlightenment at any moment.  It is our birthright because it is who we are, Divine!  She represents the fact that no one has to be born into a prestigious family or go through years of formal training to experience revelation or enlightenment.  It is a choice!  Some times it takes getting so depressed that we surrender to our higher power or some times we just simply demand the Universe to reveal itself to us, because it is us!  What ever the case…. I would like to say Thank You Ida, Thank You for surrendering and praying to be used by Divine.  You are a shining light, a sister, a leader, a teacher.  You are Divine!

So blessed, e


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