Interesting Vs. Interested

Have you ever been to dinner with someone who dominated the entire conversation?  Have you ever been to dinner with someone who seemed to have nothing to say other than ask a few questions, here or there?  We have all been around people who are acutely out of balance in their ability of communication, only being interesting or interested.

‘Interesting’ people generally tend to be charismatic, dominating, often chaotic, sometimes over bearing, yet can tell fantastic stories and capture your energy, literally.  Time with these ‘interesting’ people seems adventurous and expansive, yet over time seem to rob you of your own vitality.  People around these people tend to begin to feel suppressed within because there is no room for their own personality and expression.

‘Interested’ people tend to be listeners, never talking much, ask question after question, sometimes beginning to mesh into the wall paper.  At first, time with these ‘interested’ people can feel validating through the acknowledgment of being heard, but over time there is no reciprocity in the flow of energy and communication.  Over time the soul desires to move away from these people to allow for further growth.

Developing the self to be both interesting and interested is a key to being a great communicator and having great relationships.  Consciously choosing to become a better communicator, balancing the elements, learning how to hold space for others to share and share with.  This can be done by starting to genuinely become interested in others concepts and stories, asking them more questions.  This also naturally manifest in becoming more self expressed about your our passions, telling stories and things that you are creating in your own life.

Today, take notice of your conversations, seek to listen without needing to interject your viewpoints and stories all the time.  When the time is right, lavishly express your thoughts, feelings and stories.  Consciously choose to communicate with unitary wholeness!

Love, e

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