A New Year… Really? Resolution… No more junk food (aka; my ass in skinny jeans without having to cover it with some hip sweater that hangs low). “Ugh,” my inner voice says. I want to give up before I start, head to Starbucks for a double frap with some java chips and climb back in bed, scroll down my Facebook news feed and check out who posted the best drunk #selfie from their New Years Eve Party. I already feel like a 2015 failure before noon. The mind chatter churps in, only it’s the good slave driving voice this time. It says, “get your toosh into meditation, lady!!”

So, I head into my morning meditation…

I close my eyes, awww, the amnesia lifts, butterflies start flying around my inner world. A rainbow with a Unicorn decorate the background of the heaven in my head (ok, maybe that’s a little exagerated, but I wanted to make the point of how good I feel when I meditate).

Then, the Universal truths stream into my consciousness as a knowing, “I am abundance, pure potential, total vibrancy, infinitude and beyond.”

Oh yeah, I am reminded, the universe only says, “YES!” It only creates! So, if I tell it ‘no’ more junk food, it only hears ‘more junk food’. I recreate my New Years Resolution as a possitive affirmation instead of a declaration of scarcity.

Then, another truth streams in, reminding me of the power of decision. I decide to live life fully, which means I choose to create myself to have high energy through eating healthy nutritious food and energizing my body with physical exercise that I am passionate about, like dancing.

And, finally I begin to imagine who I would have to be inorder to be someone who would be living a healthy lifestyle. What would I have to be committed to? My perspectives shift, I begin to feel even more blissful as my energy rises to the occassion.

How to create a RESOLUTION…

1) Make a decision: Be clear about what you want and use the power of decision.

2) Create it in a possitive form: The Universe only hears ‘Yes’! So, make sure you create your resolution in a possitive affirmation. Ex. I will not eat junk food will be heard from your subconsiousn or the universe as ‘eat junkfood’. So, restate your resolution as something like, “I choose to eat foods that are high vibration and highly nutritious.

3) The Power of Commitment! If you’re truly committed to being healthy, then throw out everything in your kitchen that is not in alignment with this commitment. Get the garbage can out and see how far you can throw that white bread and half bags of fried potato chips into it from.

My mediation session feels complete. I open my eyes and negotiate with myself, “I think I will walk to Starbucks!”

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