Express yourself…

What I know is that each and every one of us has a Unique Divine Expression and gift to bring to this world. Knowing this, I often reflect on my own and others highest calling and how to deliver the goods.

One of the best distinctions I have come to this year is around ‘branding.’ It is no coincidence that the best branding is a direct parallel to spiritual work. The work always comes down to one thing ‘know thyself.’

So, this is true when it comes to branding as well. People often look to outside sources to copy or mimic. Also, people often want to become something or display themselves as something other than they are.  People do this in all areas of their life, dating, networking, etc… but its a real show stopper when it comes to business.  They create businesses that are not congruent with who they truly are, creating ads that leave their audience intuitively feeling like something doesn’t add up.

The most successful brands and people in business are the ones who are authentic and whose products are congruent with who they say they are.  In the book ‘Just Listen’ by Mark Goulston, he talks about ‘Dissonance’ and how this is the number one thing that hinders peoples success. He states, “Dissonance occurs when you think you’re coming across in one way, but people see you in a totally different way.”

Here are 5 tips to EXPRESSING YOURSELF…

1.  Know Your Strengths: Ask yourself, your closest friends and your family what your greatest strengths are and then tailor your branding and marketing around those strengths. For example, if one of your strengths is being funny, you may consider bringing your humor into your marketing ads.

2. Know Your Weaknesses: Ask your closest friends and family what your weaknesses are and begin to address those within your marketing.  You can either begin to make fun of yourself or begin to take responsibility for them.  For example, the airline ‘Spirit’ surveyed their clients and found out that people were very unhappy with the service the airline was providing, so ‘Spirit’ began to run ads making fun of themselves for how poor their service was.  The ad campaign went extremely well, bringing their numbers up because people knew what they were getting when they would choose to fly that airline and, actually, began to enjoy the process of laughing with the airline instead of making them wrong.

3.  Be Congruent:  Make sure that your ads, your social media posts and any display of your brand or company is in alignment with who you authentically are and what your products and services truly are.  For example, if you are an actor that tends to do heavier roles, don’t tell your agent you can take comedic roles.

4.  Follow Your Bliss:  To be true to your heart and bliss, is to be true to your Spirit!  If we want our business to thrive, we must thrive.   Stay authentic to your bliss and your business will always expand. For example, someone’s whose strengths are innovation and seeing the bigger picture, yet they have created a business where they have a ton of paperwork and details, their business probably won’t do very well because they are not being expressed in the way that is their spirit desires them to be.  Another example, is someone who loves to be social, yet has created a business where they sit at a desk all day.

5.  Keep Surveying:  Keep asking your audience what is working and not working with your business and branding.  Know thyself, know thy brand!

So, the question is, “Are you presenting yourself or your brand, as who you authentically are?”

To be authentic is probably the most powerful stance we can take in any area of our life, personally and in business.

The point to all of this (in my opinion) is that there is only one YOU!

I believe that this distinction is the greatest breakthrough of our time in marketing and business. The best niche is YOU, the audience wants to witness and celebrate YOU!  So, don’t go following what others are doing, don’t look to the sick celebrity world, don’t mimic what the spiritually bankrupt marketers are telling you.

Find your authentic way!

THE WAY will lead you to the golden land…YOU!

Love, e

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