4 Powerful Steps to Clarity!


Clarity is Power

When we begin to know our true Divine essence, life gets clear.  When we begin to see people as they are, Unique Divine Expressions, choices get simple.  When we listen from our heart, we know our bliss.  When we stand in our truth and commit to living it out, the heavens align.  When we have clarity of our dreams, the providence moves too.

So, how do we get clarity?  We first have to know what clarity is and what it is not.  One definition of clarity is the quality of being clear, in particular.  Therefore to be unclear is to be in confusion or to have multiple intentions.

See, the entire universe is made up of energy and every intention we have directs that energy.  Through the Law of Pure Potential we are infinite possibilities.  So, if we don’t have clarity, the energy just swirls around in multiple directions.  Without clear intention and directing of energy, we become the effect of our own energetic patterns, feeling like we are being pushed in multiple directions.

The Universe listens to our intentions! When we send mixed messages out, we receive mixed messages back through the LAW OF CORRELATION.  When we are unsure about something or someone, we get back unsure signs.  When we do things half way, we get half ass results.

When we step into bold clarity we embody our clarity through the LAW OF ATTRACTION, naturally taking action to be that which we desire.

Steps to Clarity…

The first step in getting clarity is to simplify.  Distractions are the kryptonite of clarity.  When we simplify we begin to decrease confusion, allowing something to emerge within the silence. When we simplify our lives we quiet down the noise of the world and begin to observe what does and does not work in our lives.  In the clearing of the chaos, we are left with clarity.  This is why vacations help so much in getting clarity because we remove ourselves from all the moving parts of our lives.

Second step is to get clear on our ‘must haves’  of our lives.  We can do this by asking ourselves such questions as, “Where in life do I loose track of time?”  “When I am looking back on my life on my death bed, what would I regret if I hadn’t done it?”  “What are the things in life that I value the most?”  Through this process of reflection and introspection, we get clear on what we value.  This is why some people get clarity through traumatic incidents, like loosing a loved one or getting a life threatening disease, because it shifts values and prioritizes them instantaneously.  The spirit and the universe demands us to get our values straight.  So, I recommend actively and consciously doing the process before it is done for you through your higher self, the universe.

Third step is calling in your VISION from your higher self.  When most people think of a VISION they think of creating goals or some ideal scene.  This is not projecting out from your ego another vision board of material belongings you desire, this is a process of allowing that knowing within to deliver your highest and best self to emerge.  We can do this by asking more questions within meditation or when silencing our logical minds, “What is my Unique Divine Expression and gift to the world?”  Are you an artist, a signer, an conscious entrepreneur, a mother, a friend, etc.  Asking, “What is the vision for my specific gifts to give to this world.”  “How can I benefit the world and everyone in my life?”  “What knowledge and blessings can bring that will benefit the world?” This is the LAW OF DHARMA in expression.

Forth step is staying focused and staying in integrity!  This is a process of saying ‘no’ to anything that is no longer in alignment with the clarity and focus of your life.  This is the process of ‘following your bliss’ and allowing your life to unfold through the clarity of the present moment. Everyday we use the LAW OF INTENTION AND DESIRE to demonstrate our clarity into manifestation.  Life becomes easy and flows as we allow our natural love of to direct each decision.  We use the LAW OF LEAST EFFORT to enjoy every moment!  Yet, we don’t attach to the end result.  We allow the LAW OF DETACHMENT to deliver us to our VISION or something greater!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.” ~ Carl Jung 

We are Divine beings with a wealth of wisdom deep within us.  When we stay in our individual minds we get lost in our reactive minds, our exotic minds, our limited beliefs and our false reality of survival.  When we step into spiritual logic and get in touch with our true selves, Universal Intelligence.  Meditation, Spiritual Mind Treatment and Prayer are incredible avenues to unleash these truths.

“Close your eyes to see clearly, be still and you will hear the truth.”  ~ Ancient Zen Saying

Daily Spiritual Affirmation: I see inside my soul to infinity, I am clear!
Daily Action:  Today, I will know the truth is within.  I will not look to outside sources for advice, unless it is a mentor or a group that is in alignment with my spiritual principles.  I will simplify my life, focusing on what I am clearly committed to.  I will quiet my mind, allowing stillness!
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