Its been called the sixth sense. It isn’t anything that can be scientifically proven; it’s the intangible, the ethereal, the intelligence distanced from reason and logic, a knowing. So, what is this thing called intuition?


For me, intuition is spirit (my higher self) communicating through a ‘knowing’ that guides and directs me on my personal path of truth. This ‘gut feeling’ transpires through the spiritual plane, beyond the bounds of space and time, beyond all reason or linear thinking. It is a natural faculty that serves our highest good, kind of like a GPS tracking system built inside of us, only it doesn’t direct us towards a certain position on earth, but rather navigates us towards our highest good. It is like a muscle built-in internally that navigates us and gives off alarms or ‘knowings’ when we get off track. It can also send flashes of insight, like a divine fortune cookie with pieces of wisdom of the future, a glimpse into our destiny.


Often, in our culture we have suppressed or dis-acknowledging this profound inner tool, denouncing it and therefore disempowering our abilities of it. If honed, it can often be the best faculty for making those tough decisions in life. Intuition can be strengthened through recognition of it; honoring it and building a feed back system with it. If mastered, it can be our greatest strength and ally. Even though it is immeasurable, it may be more real than the all the tangible material facts for guiding our lives.


I remember a time when I viewed intuition as some freaky inner knowing that only happened when something ‘bad’ was going take place. It was like some foreign alien that lived inside my consciousness that would chime in on a rare occasion via my gut to ‘keep me safe.’   See, for most of us we are born with this innate intuitive sense, but we suppress and oppress it, placing such value and significance on our logical minds. We learn all the facts of the world, getting indoctrinated through the school system, dismissing our own creative instincts, ending up loosing our true essence. It is a system of the blind leading the blind. Our culture places more value on such things as science over spirituality, making sense out of the tangible facts of this life, loosing tract of our natural abilities as an organism of species.


“The spirit of man is equipped with decision, will, choice,

volition, intellect and purpose.”

~ Ernest Holmes


So, the question is how does intuition play into your life and demonstrate what you truly desire?


My own personal story about intuition has to do with fulfilling my dreams and living a life I love. See before I learned how to be in touch with my intuition I lived a life of reaction, confusion and discord.  For most of my life, my intuition would speak to me, but I wouldn’t listen. Whether it was a decision I was making about work or an event I was planning on attending or a relationship I was in, regardless of how my intuition was trying to guide me, I wouldn’t listen. My intuition would say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and I would often do the opposite. It would even give me glimpses of future potential events as well and I would turn my head, obviously still needing to learn the hard way. Over time my intuition ‘muscle’ was dwindling down into a little weak noodle barely able to make a peep. Then, as I did more and more of my inner spiritual work and began to live in integrity I found that my intuition was exactly in alignment with this as well. It was if I had a wise advisor inside that would chime in to ‘let me know’ if what I was doing or who I was doing it was in alignment with my highest good. I would just know if I could trust someone. I would just know if a business meeting was going to be a waist of time or if I was supposed to be there. I would just know how a relationship was going to work out. I just knew…


“These channels represent spiritual capacities since each is an avenue leading to self-knowingness, and self-knowingness is the very nature and essence of Spirit. “ ~ Ernest Holmes


Today, my eyes are wide open from that eternal inner space, I view and experience intuition completely different. In fact, I can hardly differentiate intuition from any other aspect of my life because I live in such a transparent authentic way that everything is driven by my spiritual truth. My inner ‘knowing’ has grown so pure; I listen to my intuition as the captain of the ship of my life. I live from spirit now, instead of from the old school form of logic, which was reacting to life. Today, all aspects of my life are aligned with what my heart and soul desire.   Today, I don’t listen from my mind chatter or the linear realm, but from my gut knowing and from the spiritual plane.


Intuition is the spiritual guide within that is like an angels eye that reveals the unseen. It is the boss, the conductor, the pilot, the grand master; luminating the grandest path for our journey. When we live from spiritual truth our logical minds serve in conjunction and with perfect synchronicity of intuition. Intuition no longer is a separate faculty, but an instrument in the grand symphony of our Divine song of life.


“Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the

universal current of life.”

~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist










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