How to transform a Breakdown into a Breakthrough



Transformation through Breakdowns and Breakthroughs…

There is such beauty in the breakdown, such perfection! A way the soul and spirit demand a new reality to transpire…

BODY: When the body has a breakdown such as an ill condition, dis-ease, hormonal imbalance, weigh issues, chronic fatigue, etc. it is the spirit demanding to be heard. It is trying to communicate that something is out of alignment and there must be balance. The breakthrough comes when we listen and honor our highest calling, to live life to its fullest! We choose vitality!

“It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.“

-Meryl Streep

MIND: When there is a breakdown in the body or in the mind it all originates from beliefs. Do we believe we are worthy of health and high energy? Do we believe food is to nourish us or to temporarily entertain us? Do we believe that we are the cause or the effect of our bodies? When we realize we are not our beliefs, but that we are the creator of our beliefs, we are able to make new choices.

“You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well.”

-Wayne Dyer

SPIRIT: What comes first the chicken or the egg? What comes first, the breakdown or the breakthrough? What comes first, the cause or the effect? We know everything is created from spirit, so it begs the question: Has our soul already evolved, needing to create a new reality in the physical realm via a breakdown? We no longer view breakdowns as a negative thing. Now, we see them as the perfect divine portal to unleash the butterfly within!

“Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.”


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