Monthly Archives: November 2014


Ok, today is the beginning of the journey of AWAKENING THE DIVINE WITHIN.  This is the first of a series of weekly video blogs on secrets, tips and keys to unleashing Love, Wealth and Vitality! Through this journey we will be d-layering, d-cluttering and d-’emptying the bowl’ of our body, mind and spirit.   We […]

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Its been called the sixth sense. It isn’t anything that can be scientifically proven; it’s the intangible, the ethereal, the intelligence distanced from reason and logic, a knowing. So, what is this thing called intuition?   For me, intuition is spirit (my higher self) communicating through a ‘knowing’ that guides and directs me on my […]

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How to transform a Breakdown into a Breakthrough

  Transformation through Breakdowns and Breakthroughs… There is such beauty in the breakdown, such perfection! A way the soul and spirit demand a new reality to transpire… BODY: When the body has a breakdown such as an ill condition, dis-ease, hormonal imbalance, weigh issues, chronic fatigue, etc. it is the spirit demanding to be heard. […]

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