The Big Bang



In the beginning…


As I envision God, the Source, the backing of the all energy, the omnipresent, I fantasize about what it would be like to be God before time and space, before the finite and the infinite.   As funny and as ironic as it may sound, I imagine it could get a little boring or, at least, I would desire to express or experience myself at a greater level. So, that poses the question, “How would something that is already everything experience more of itself?” Seems the only way would be to experience what it is ‘NOT.’


Hence, the ‘BIG BANG’…


So, approximately 15 billion years ago the diametrical opposite was created, the relative experience of an ever-expanding universe, experiencing itself.  However, I do not believe in non-duality and therefore, I do not believe in the concept of anything that is ‘NOT’ God. Therefore, in my opinion, the incident called the big bang did happen and it was also the first lie created in this universe, meaning it is the opposite of truth and therefore must persist (referencing the scientific data of ‘Persistent Current’). Now, that brings me to the second question to ponder, “What is truth?”


Truth just is, just as love just is. I’m not talking about relative truth, in form. I’m referring to ultimate truth, the truth that backs this entire thing called life and creation. Truth has no beginning or end, it simply is. The truth is that, collectively, we are God. We are eternal Spiritual beings, infinite innovators abundant creators. When I speak of the truth I’m talking about Divine Principle. You don’t have to believe it, but regardless it is the truth.


Yes, Science has proven certain laws and formulas for this universe and I am here to say they are essentially correct, they align with the Spiritual Laws of this ‘cause-and-effect’ universe. However, what science can not prove and never will, is that which backs what created those natural laws.


Here is a concept to explain how the laws of the universe were formed (aka Divine Principle):


Imagine that God does not exist in the time space realm, so, in order to experience its opposite nature, it had to create a limited context. This was the only way to experience the opposite of itself. This created the ‘cause-and-effect’ universe, this glorious realm of being able to experience being the effect of what it created. (aka, a masters of limitation).  It did this by creating an opposition, which create the resistance, ‘persistent current’.


Time and space is an agreed spectrum that serves to experience a limited creation. It is a lie because it is not our primary essence, yet it is still the truth scientificy and in a spiritual sense because we are all of it.   The creation of the lie is what actually holds the entire physical reality in place. If we decided to agree on some other form of creation we would instantaneously shift the entire physical spectrum. Hence, when you finally know the truth you become ‘in this world, but not of this world.


On a final note, Science has proven through the ‘Second Law of Thermodynamics’ that disorder always increases with time. This is true, as it the opposite in the spiritual realm, order increases with time as well. This proves, once more, how ‘The Law’ aka Divine Principle works. We can either be in harmony with the natural laws of nature or invert our free will to create chaos. Our manifestation abilities through form increase as the universe increases. So remember that what you create, you become the effect of. Be careful what reality you create for yourself. The choice is yours!



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