Honoring The Divine Feminine




Honoring The Divine Feminine…

Standing in total gratitude, it is a privilege to honor ‘The Divine Feminine’.  I recognize this infinite life force, this ever-giving creative, mysterious, unconditional eternal birthing within all of life.  The Divine Feminine, this Mother, she is ever-expanding in her gifts and her wisdom.  I recognize her it in everything.  I see it in the twinkling of your eye, I see it in the essence of your soul, I see it everywhere.  No words can begin to describe…  It is the unknown, blossoming creative source within all of us.

“What is The Divine Feminine,” I ask?

It has been displayed with infinite mythical figures, archetypes and deities, such as Venus, Athena, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Sophia, Shakti, Tara, the Goddesses, many Angels and beyond.  But, this is only the symbolic metaphor of The Divine Feminine, for The Divine Feminine has no name, no title, no identity.  She is formless, every changing, like the dress that flows as she dances.  It is in every man and woman, it plays no favorites.

This brings me to The Story of Deity Tara….  Deity Tara has been with me since I was a little girl, in fact, I am sure she has been with me for many life times.  The Story of Tara is about the truth prevailing.  It is said that Tara was born aeons ago, as the daughter of a king.  All through her childhood her fathers palace was always filled with wise men and a multitude of monks, living on the grounds.  She began to become extremely wise as well, living the principles of these great minds.  She became so wise, that one day the monks came to her and said that they had been praying for her.   They said they prayed that in her next lifetime she would come back as a man so she could take her teachings out to the world and serve humanity.  She said something to the effect that there is ‘not a chance’ she would come back as a man.  She declared in that very moment that she would come back as the embodiment of a woman until all of humanity, not only considered men and women equal, but knew they that the masculine and feminine lives in each and every man and woman.  We have created these dualistic forms which are just another illusion, teaching us through relativity, expanding our experience, delivering us to our greatness.

To Give is to Receive.  

Within the Cause is the Effect.  

To teach is to learn.  To die is to be reborn.

As within, so without.   

The Yin and the Yan.  

The Oneness. 

The Buddhist revere Tara as the greatest Deity, being the Universal Goddess of Compassion.  Tara’s embodiment translates into ‘The one who enables living beings to cross the ocean of existence and suffering.’  And so, I would like to honor and acknowledge each and every person who is doing their inner work and on the path of healing and enlightenment.  You are serving yourself and all of humanity, for when we heal ourselves we heal our ancestors and our future generations.

To honor The Divine Feminine is to honor each sacred moment of the eternal birthing of thyself and all of life.  Tonight, everyday and in this very moment we celebrate and declare the birth of our wholeness.  Yet, as we are re-born, we must be prepared for her emotions of anger and sadness that comes from years of not honoring her.  Allow the shedding of the negative energies, limited beliefs and anything that no longer serves the truth.  Experiencing the things we denied ourselves and therefore denied the entire world, we let go.  We no longer have to identify with this suffering, it is not who we are.

You are a Divine Infinite Creator…You have the key that turns the lock upon your soul, letting it out from the self imposed prison.  We can NOW,  give ourselves fully to life!

Furthermore, I invite you to not mold yourself into one of the archetypes of ‘The Divine Feminine’, but rather create from the eternal nothingness, birthing your Unique Divine Expression…..bringing your beauty, your gifts, your art, your perfect quirky personality…… Let go of the need of perfection to move forward, no longer trying to figure it out.  We see you and we love you!

I’d like to end with a Second Story of Tara…  It was also said that Deity Tara was born from the tear of the God, Avalokiteshvara.  He was looking down from heaven onto the world of suffering, weeping from witnessing the pain.  As his tear fell into a pond below, a beautiful lotus was born and bloomed… Deity Tara!  You are that lotus, you are The Divine Feminine, here to heal and bloom, here to transcend space and time into Heaven on Earth here and now!

The Inner Voice whispered, “Bloom.”

She responded, “I can’t, I’m not enough.”

The Voice said, “Bloom.”

“But I’m not ready,” She replied.

The whisper grew stronger, “Bloom so I can experience myself, experiencing myself.”

She sat, pondered and heard herself for the first time…

“Bloom into the most Gorgeous Expression of YOU!”

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