Free Will


A Transformational Conversation about Free Will…

( Disclosure: I honor each and every single unique perspective and opinion regarding ‘free will.’  I invite you to read this viewpoint with an open mind and implement it into your practice only if it serves you to live more in alignment with your truth.)

Free Will aka Divine Principle

Divine Principle is the principle of creation.  Ok, given we are eternal spiritual beings, embryonic God’s and Goddesses, birthed to live and create… We are already whole, perfect and complete just as we are; however, we are eternally evolving and expanding the collective consciousness through relativity. We are the great paradox, an individual and the entire Universe. We have chosen to experience every multitude of existence within the Universe and beyond.

So, we are born into what we have already created, the reality at hand, along with all the laws in this realm, a cause and effect Universe. Our birthright is ‘free will’, and with that we get all that goes along with it, able to skin our knee on the jungle gym of life and able to innovate creations that take us to the Moon.  We are able to create our own heaven or hell, harmony or chaos.  We are able to move beyond the vicious human cycle or we are able to live eternally in insanity.  Unfortunately and fortunately, the choice is ours along with the determination.   What we chose to create with our powers is our ultimate destiny.

And so we expand…

One of the possibilities of our purpose or goals in this life is to learn to develop our ability to direct our ‘free will’ through the use of the law of ’cause and effect.’   Just like raising our own children, the goal is for them to move beyond survival into thriving. We already and always have 100% free will, but as we consciously direct it we experience feeling as though we have more of it and vice versa.


Harmony or Chaos 

Ok, so we have FREE WILL and we can either create HARMONY or CHAOS.  This is very clear, harmony is acting in accordance with the natural laws of the Universe and chaos is working against the laws of the Universe.  Harmony is reflecting back that which you are and chaos is transposing the opposite of what you are.  They are both using the same energy, just differently.  For example, when you say one thing and do another, you are creating chaos. When you are honoring your truth and doing what you say, you are creating harmony.  When you put toxic food into your body, you are creating chaos.  When you are eating vibrant food that assists the body you are creating harmony.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ per say, only cause and effect.  The Universe doesn’t judge or label things ‘good’ or ‘bad’ just responds and correlates accordingly.

The Irony:

To the degree we create harmony, working with the natural laws of the Universe, we experience the perception of having more free will.  

To the degree we create chaos, working against the natural laws of the Universe, we experience the perception of having less free will. 

When we create harmony, we experience our abilities of ‘free will’ expanding. We, literally, experience the truth of who we are and therefore, are in alignment with our true essence; therefore, we perceive ourselves to have more ‘free will.’  We get into the flow of life and life flows with us.

When we create chaos, we experience our abilities of ‘free will’ lessen.  To the extent we create anti-survivial behavior, we experience the perception of loss of power.  We get confused because we are not living in accordance to our authentic selves.  Our minds have to recreate the thought into form over and over again, in order to have it add up, but it never will until we choose harmonic action.  It is like a calculator with a stuck button, chaos will never add up correctly.

Law of Correspondence:

The Law of Correspondence states that what we create reflects back to us. When we create harmony, we instantaneously experience harmony.  So, when we create chaos, we instantaneously get back chaos. In fact, the moment we assign a negative or positive meaning to something, we instantly feel the negative or positive effect.  The only difference is when we create chaos it has to reflect back to us over and over again until we choose to create harmony because this is our true nature.

1.  We either learn and adjust to harmony, bringing us to our natural state of expanding into happiness, joy and fulfillment.


2. We keep doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result… Insanity!  This is the vicious human cycle which includes everything from apathy, compulsion, depression, dysfunction to addiction.   Instinctually, we are programmed for harmony.  When we create transgressions we tend to become compulsive.  It is our spirit trying to create a breakdown or a low to learn the lessons we need to learn in order to choose harmony instead.


Going beyond the suffering and strife, we peer through the veil of amnesia to our birthright, free will.  We embark on the epiphany that we chose it all, the relative experience of free will through the apparency of limitation.  An analogy might be a parent who has to let go of their child’s hand in order to play on the jungle gym.  They know their son/daughter might get hurt, but if they are ever going to raise their child to be independent they must let them climb by themselves. The irony is in the physical realm, free will comes with it all … the good, the bad and the ugly.  It comes with scrapped knees, bruises and, some times, even a broken arm.  Bottom line, we have learn from our suffering and the choice to harmony or chaos.  One day, we reach the top of the jungle gym, wrap our legs around the metal monkey bar and let our body spill to an exhilarating upside down sway, exclaiming, “weeeeeee”.  We giggle out loud, as if we have been told the ultimate cosmic joke, understanding the Divine Plan we created for ourselves.  Our eyes are wide open!

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