Transformation through Visioning…

Transformation through visioning is the process of going beyond your present paradigm out-picturing of who you are. Visioning is very different from creating a vision.  Most of us have all created ‘Vision Boards,’ cutting out pictures from magazines and taking the time to imagine them as reality.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest lesson one can learn from creating a ‘Vision Board’ is… “Be careful what you ask for!”  Many visions we create are out of ego and only get us more ‘stuff’ to manage and keep us distracted from the real vision.  They merely get us acquiring the next material possession, only to have us realize we are still not fulfilled.  Fulfillment and joy come when we are living out our divine calling!

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”  – Albert Einstein

Visioning is an authentic process of getting in alignment with our true-self and in turn, with what our higher-self desires.  It is living our calling, our truth, our purpose into form.  In this process we ask Spirit (our higher-selves) the correct types of questions to manifest the unfolding of one’s unique divine vision to emerge.

Michael Beckwith on Visioning

Rev. Michael Beckwith has a profound program on ‘Visioning’ where he guides and educates on the art of asking the correct type of questions to Spirit while in meditation.    He says that a true vision is one beyond what the world says you ‘should do’ nor anything society or your family thinks you ‘should do.’  He says it is a unique calling!

Visioning Process: 

1.  Begin meditation – Do this by finding a quiet space, getting into meditation position (sitting crossed legged), closing your eyes, quieting the mind and focusing on that which is real (that which is the eternal space beyond anything that is transient in the physical realm).  The main purpose of getting into this space for visioning is to become a ‘listening’ for Divine by clearing the mind chatter and becoming as present as possible.  Focusing on the breath is a great way to tune oneself to the eternal now.

2.  Ask a question – Ex.  What is my unique Divine expression and gift to give to the world?  What is seeking to emerge in the unfoldment of my calling? What is my unique purpose in this life? What is my individual divine expression in this lifetime?  Etc.

There are two types of questions, open-ended or closed.  It is important to allow Source to answer from an open-ended question when visioning; Furthermore, there are two primary types of open-ended questions…one, comes from scarcity and fear and the other comes from abundance and prosperity.  The universe will answer both, so be conscious of how you are directing it.  Haha.

3. Next Question –  Who do I need to become to manifest that vision?

Michael Beckwith has a genius analogy of the concept that anyone can ‘get’ things through manipulation, but in order to keep it you have to have the consciousness of it.  He gives the example of two men, one has the consciousness of prosperity and the other one doesn’t.  The one that doesn’t has to steal his prosperity.  He gets a car by stealing it, but in order to keep the car he has to keep stealing.  The man that has the prosperity consciousness owns the car, and so even when it gets stolen all he has to do is call up his insurance agency and ask for a new one.   You can’t HAVE the life you desire, until you become the essence of the person that would have that life.  You can’t become a professional until you embody that knowledge and live that knowledge.  When we embody our authentic essence, the universe adjust accordingly, bringing all people, things and community that are in alignment with that frequency.

“Form always follows consciousness”

Another example is my father, he is an N.D., Naturopathic and Homeopathic Doctor.  Imagine if  he was obese and was unhappy, he would never be able to have a successful practice that promotes vitality.  He had to embody the practice within himself in order to have a successful business.   You can’t have anything until your consciousness is in alignment with it.

3. Deepening Questions –  What gifts, talents and capacities do I already have that I can implement now that can be of service to my vision?  How can I serve my vision today?  What can I let go of that no longer serves my vision? Does this habit serve my vision?  What thoughts, perceptions and circumstances do I need to become more conscious of? Etc.

These questions are to help advance more understanding around what lessons still need to be learned, what skills need to still be developed, what communities to be engaged with, what people to surround yourself with, what capacities to advance.  This is the work to get out of your own way, so that you can step into who you need to be in order to live your vision.

4.  Follow your bliss –  While still in meditation, feel the emotion of motion that draws you to take bold action around your vision.  Imagine you living your vision.  What does it feel like? What are you doing on a day to day basis?  A true vision meditation will compel you to take ‘right action’ towards manifestation.

5.  Speak it into existence – Once you have your vision, it is important to speak it to another person who holds you in your divinity, meaning that they will not tell you that you can’t do it, but will know you are capable of anything!  Your vision is not set in stone, but is like a horizon that is always directing you and always moves evolves.  End of the Visioning session with a few words of gratitude and a declaration of, “This or something better!”

Affirmation: I am the perfect unfoldment of the Divine Evolution!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take the time to go into silence and commune with Source.  I will ask purposeful questions and hold space for the answers to be heard.  I will be a listening for Divine.  Then, as I go back into the world I will ask if what I am up to is in alignment with that vision.   I will honor my vision!

Let go of paralysis through analysis and soar into clarity of your vision in action…. Love, e

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