Monthly Archives: February 2014

Free Will

A Transformational Conversation about Free Will… ( Disclosure: I honor each and every single unique perspective and opinion regarding ‘free will.’  I invite you to read this viewpoint with an open mind and implement it into your practice only if it serves you to live more in alignment with your truth.) Free Will aka Divine […]

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Practicing the Presence

Transformation through ‘Practicing the Presence’… One of the main lessons I have learned through my entire spiritual journey is the importance of a Daily Spiritual Practice.  Joel S. Goldsmith book ‘Practicing the Presence’ is an entire conversation about this exact topic. In the introduction is says, “Every person who has known dissatisfaction, incompleteness, and frustration […]

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Transformation through Visioning… Transformation through visioning is the process of going beyond your present paradigm out-picturing of who you are. Visioning is very different from creating a vision.  Most of us have all created ‘Vision Boards,’ cutting out pictures from magazines and taking the time to imagine them as reality.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest lesson […]

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