Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree


Transformation through a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree…

The Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree is considered a sacred symbol within the Oriental Culture.  It is said that it represents how ‘transient’ all of life is, especially love if not honored and respected.  This is because the cherry blossom tree has a very short blooming period.  Just like love, it must be cherished with every fleeting moment… for this life is but an echo in eternity.

There is an ancient tale about sacrifice and these trees.  There is a story of an old Samurai that was so sad to witness the death of a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree that it decided that the only proper way to honor such a magnificent display of life and love was to sacrifice his life for it.  So he sat under the tree and committed a ritualistic suicide to save the tree’s life.  This honorable act transcended the very essence of life back into the tree and was said that the tree, within one hour, began to blossom new flowers again and still does until this very day.

Maybe the poignant point is more of a question… “What are you willing to sacrifice your life for?”

Love, e

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