Chinese Parable


Transformation in Parables…

According to Wikipedia, a parable is a succinct, didactic story, in prose or verse, which illustrates on or more instructive lessons or principles.  A parable is a type of analogy to human behavior.

There is a Chinese Parable about Bamboo Trees.  They say that Bamboo Trees can be planted, nurtured, feed and watered for up to 4 to 5 years before anything happens….. well at least, what we can see happens.  Then, all of a sudden the bamboo tree sprouts up in about 6 weeks to about 90 feet tall!

There is a time when we, too, plant the seed of our dreams, nurturing it, feeding it and watering it with our attention and love, only to not see any fruition.  We often think that all of our hard work and dreams will never manifest.  We feel like giving up and abandoning our vision.    Mean while the dream has been growing its roots within our soul, transforming us into the very essence it, patiently waiting for the perfect serendipitous moment.

The Universe, the Soul and Divine Spirit are listening and witnessing our commitment.   It softly whispers, “Don’t give up.” Will you keep nurturing and tending to your dream?  Will you preserver and not give up in the face of it seeming like nothing is transcending into physical form?  Do you have faith, knowing that it is destiny?

We say, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” So, we shall water that dirt again today and everyday, knowing it is only a matter of time!  If we can dream it, it is Divine Destiny!

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