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Transformation of efficiency…

Efficient: 1. Having a direct effect; causative. 2a Acting or producing effectively with  a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.  b. Exhibiting a high ratio of output to input. (Latin efficere, to effect) – American Heritage Dictionary.

One often believes to be efficient is to go through life checking off some ‘to do’ list or cramming in as much as possible with in one unit of time.  This is not the efficiency this conversation is about.  The type of efficiency in the realm of transformation is getting to the heart of the matter… to express, to give of thyself to this world and to deliver a specific message from the soul.  To be efficient is to have the effect one desires.

One of the key components of being efficient is control of ones own mind.  This permeates into control of focused actions, deliverance medium , intentional communication and quantum faith.  These are skills developed out of the commitment to preserver in a specific expression.

Another muscle to be built is our ability to command our environment with grace through the law of detachment.  Is what you are producing something you would do if money was of no consideration?  When we follow our true bliss and love what we do, we never work another day of our lives.

When we have no gotten clear of our true essence we look to the outside world for answers.  This is what causes confusion and random thinking which manifests in inefficiency.


1. The inability to complete cycles or follow through with relationships (jobs don’t get complete, projects go unfinished, relationships get severed or dwindle off, etc.)

2. The inability to stop undesired actions (doing the same thing over and over with out any real production, insanity, addiction, circular action, etc.)

We have all experienced the above within ourselves or witnessed it in another.  For example, the dreamer or fantasy person that loves to talk about projects, but never starts it or if they do they definitely never complete it.  Another example, is the person that is always starting projects over and over again, but unable to finish one of them.  It is easy to start a project or a new relationship, but maintaining and producing the result one desires is a completely different story.

Some people go around in circles, never efficiently producing anything.  Others, start projects and always find something else more interesting, getting detoured.  Some may never start at all because they haven’t overcome the fear that resides in their thinking.  There is, however, the person that keeps doing something that no longer serves their lives.  An example of this may be someone who stays in a dead-end job or relationship that they keep holding on to even though they know it is an endless abyss.

What ever the case may be for lack of efficiency, it always comes back to the cause…. The inability to control your thoughts.   Change your thinking, change your life!  When we get clear and know the truth, we are liberated to create, create, create what ever our heart desires.   We also know when we are creating out of lack or scarcity mentality because it leads to more fear.

You may be asking, “What if I’m not efficient because I don’t know what you want or what to do?”

Well, one way of figuring out what you do want is deciding what you don’t want.  This is a process of elimination via completing cycles:

Completing Cycles: 

1.  Complete the cycles that you are no longer committed to.  For example: Old business cards, clothing that you rarely use, old files, out dated electronics, projects that you know will never be completed, etc.

2. Completing cycles:  List all the projects that are not complete. What are you putting off?  What needs completion? Confusion is the main condition for inefficiency.  A good analogy of this is a computer that has too many open programs.  The computer begins to not run efficiently, may even jam up.  In order to get your computer running smoothly it is best to close all programs and documents that are no longer being used, so you can free up the energy to focus on the ones that are needed.  Reboot your life by completing all cycles, reopen the ones that you are committed to and complete them!

3.  Stay Focused:  Make a list of all the things that distract you; the phone ringing, checking e-mails, certain people, Facebook, etc.  Turn off everything for chunks of time so you can stay focused.  Another key is to make a specific production goals instead of giving time slots for general production.

Keep your mind clear, keep you house and office clutter free, focus on the people and projects that are in alignment and frequency with what you are committed to.  Clear out your schedule and time of things that are distractions.  Be the person you need to be to have the efficiency you desire!

What we focus on expands….  Focus on the things you love to do only and learn to delegate the rest!

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