Transformation is the quantum leap and metamorphosis of the way we are being, which in turn changes our world instantaneously.  It is ‘The X Factor’…  Just like a math problem, when you change the x in an equation the entire equation changes along with the results (cause and effect). Transformation goes beyond time, space and circumstances to the heart of the matter, to the creator, to the believer, to the divine presence that backs all matter.  The foundation of getting the results and demonstrating our deepest desires is transcended through our belief systems.

We identify people’s beliefs by how they speak, what their life consists of and who they are being.   We witness their identification of being the cause or the victim, as their core though process, through their expressions.  It is simple to know if someone is effective or ineffective in their life.  Are they committed to success, harmony and making an impact in the world or are they creating random chaotic acts of infidelity to life.

Most people believe that if they just get enough information, then they will know what to do and how to change their life.  Or better yet, they believe that if they just get inspired enough, then they will have the motivation to do what it takes.  They try to fix, change, alter, manage, adjust, reconstruct, manipulate… unwanted situations and solve problems.  This will never work!  Without getting to the core issue (YOU) there will never be transformation.  Until we release our limited believes and know the truth of who we are, abundant spiritual beings and infinite innovators.

What ever someone’s inner beliefs are, they can always be changed.  As the saying goes, “change your beliefs, change your life.”  We are not our beliefs, we are the believer and we can create new beliefs at any point in time.  In fact, the moment we change a core belief our entire experience of life, including our past, alters.  Our history (his story) morphs into an experience versus a drama.  We understand that through our thinking we are liberated from all suffering.  Transformational Distinctions result in the uncollapsing of thought processes and gives discernment to our reactions, which in turn, give clearing for new possibilities. Understanding universal truths and human behavior is the transcendence to understanding the shift.  Now, we live at choice!

“It is done unto us as we believe”

Daily Affirmation:  Nothing (no thing) stands between me and creating my deepest desires!

Daily Action:  Today, I will witness what limited beliefs I have.  I will observe how I speak my world into existence.  I will take full accountability for creating my life how I desire it to be!

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