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As we take full responsibility for our lives, our perspective shifts around all relationships… in work, at home and out in the world.  We used to blame others for any dis-empowerment we experienced, but now we acknowledge how it was us being out of our own integrity every single time.  We would not express what we needed to express and then blame the other person for making us feel like we were walking on egg shells.  We would withhold our love and then blame it on something the other person was doing.  We would drop out of communication because of what someone else did.  We would project our own boredom, frustration and repression, stating it was the fault of someone else.   As we awaken, we realize we give up victimhood and step into our Divinity!

Daily Affirmation:  I am responsible for my happiness and my full self-expression!

Daily Action:  Today, I will give up pointing fingers at anyone as the cause of my suffering.   I will take the actions to create a life that exceeds all my expectations…

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