The Space Between Me and You

We all see people and things through a particular lens.  This lens is a ‘story’ about how someone is or how things are.  They are good, bad, right, wrong.  We have our own projections of how things ‘should be’ that we filter them through.  For example, someone could  label someone as their ‘best friend’ or our ‘worst enemy’ and then we look for proof accordingly.  Have you ever noticed that you feel different around certain people about yourself. Have you noticed that the relationships we love the most are the ones where we show up being the person we want to be the most?  The relationships we don’t enjoy are the ones where we aren’t enjoying who we turn into. It is the most incredible thing to experience.

So what come first the chicken or the egg?

Do we act accordingly to how we expect to act around certain people or do they actually create us as such, holding us as such, which has us show up accordingly? This is a quantum physics phenomenon.  We actually create each and everyone in our lives.  We ‘hold’ them as they are OR can we  ‘hold’ them as we want to create them to be.  We can hold a space for people to show up extraordinary, no matter what!  Our perception becomes reality…

Daily Affirmation:  I am the space for miracles to show up!

Daily Action:  Today, I will let go of  projecting my perception of people’s pasts into the present.   I will release the lens that I look through.  I will stay present to how extraordinary people are!

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