Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to understand…

Tao Te Ching

Verse 1 of Tao Te Ching is a beautiful display of the paradox of life.  The Tao is the way, it is the path.  The tao  is the teachings of the universe in direct correlation to us.  We are a fractal of every display of grace within the infinite all-knowing field, we call now.   It teaches in paradoxes, in yin and yang, in transformative ways beyond all logic.  One does not need a title of Taoism, nor any identity, to actualized this cause and effect.  We are the cause and the effect of the universe whether we name it or not, it just is.  The path is learning to embrace the cosmic dance.  When we learn to work in harmony with the laws of the universe, we learn bliss.  The entire universe is an organism. We are a part of the universe and the entire universe.

Life is to be lived, not as a concept, but as a dance. For example, we can read all the books in the world about love, but until we experience love we do not know love.  This is true of all wisdom. Life is experienced through relativity.  The universe teaches these principles of precise correlation through nature and through relationships.

When we judge, we are judged.  When we think it, it is so.  When we create chaos for others, we get chaos.  When we have to be right, we are made wrong. When we make things too significant, things become significant.  The moment we use logic is the moment we don’t know.  Having a particular viewpoint keeps us separate.  When we understand many perspectives, we flow with ease.  Understanding is the solvent for everything in the universe.  Communication is to commune with something or someone.  To commune is to just be with it.  Like The Beatles song… Let it be! And the moment we let go and live in the mystery is the moment we know.When we lighten up and play like children, we experience life as the mystery that it is.

The moment we create, we become the effect.  When we label something as bad, we instantaneously feel bad.  When we label something as good, we instantaneously feel good.  When we name things, they become things that are separate from us.  By naming something we create duality.  Duality is a lie.  Man created the labels, identities and symbols.  These are a paradox, like all of life, they limit us and at the same time help us connect through communication and identification.

The universe is the Great Integrity.  The universe is on organism, to name something is not how the universe understands or relates anything.  The universe began as one and is still one. When we name anything we make it separate from us, causing a mental duality, which is not the truth. The universe is the ultimate integrity.  It is always consistent in its actions with cause and effect.  It is precise in its direct correlation.  It knows not to lie, for lying is only a gap between your word and your action, between your virtue and your truth.  The universe knows not hypocrisy.  It only has internal consistency. There is not alteration of a belief, nor even a belief.  The universe just is.

The universe is the great teacher.  It never judges, it works with the law of cause and effect.  It is always honest and consistent.  It always acts in accordance to our values and agreements. The word “integrity” stems from the Latin adjective integer, which means whole and complete.  The universe was perfect yesterday, it is perfect today and it will be perfect tomorrow.  We too are the life force of the universe that was and always will be perfect.

There is no story that can be told that can have you experience real life.  Stories are representations of concepts.  Concepts are entities that exist in the brain.  There is no name for love, it has to be felt, it has to be lived. There is no you, nor me, without each other.  We are an organism.  We are one.

When we step into the silence and become the witnesser, we can experience being one with everything…. Enlightenment!  I invite you to step into the silence.  The entire universe is waiting for you!


Daily Affirmation: I am the Tao!

Daily Action:  Right here, right now I will witness the meaning, labels and identities I put onto people, places and things.  In each moment, I will notice if I am attaching to the concept of love or if I am being loving.  Today, I will see the paradox of each situation and the possible different viewpoints, releasing me from a ‘standpoint’ that is rigid and significant.

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