Subatomic neutrino tracksThrough our Daily Spiritual Practice we understand …

The Paradox of Energy

‘The Energy Project’ by Tony Schwartz unleashes our limitations regarding finite time.  He says, “Energy can be expanded, renewed and used more efficiently by becoming more conscious and intentional about it.”  He goes on to breakdown energy into four categories; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  We unleash our highest energy in these areas by embracing the paradoxical reality of each.  To become the most physically efficient we need both an exertion of energy and rejuvenation.   Our emotional state is energized by building confidence and through keeping our humility.   Our mental state is to balance our imagination side of our brain with the logical right brain.  And, lastly, our Spiritual energy is brought forth through the recognition of both taking care of ourselves and serving others.   As we begin to understand the paradox of life, we learn to love every aspect of ourselves.  We truly love ourselves unconditionally!

Daily Affirmation:  I am Divine Energy!

Daily Action:  Today, I will balance out these four areas of my life, resting throughout the day….. learning and growing…..imagining and journaling….serving and accepting.   I will witness the ebbs and flows of life and love it all!

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