Photo - Onward and Upward

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we experience…


We are Divine beings desiring to express through form.  When our Spiritual Principles of abundance, beauty and joy are demonstrated in form we are living TRUTH…….. we are experiencing Heaven.  In other words, when our exterior world matches our true interior world, we are in integrity….we are in Heaven. Our exterior world always matches our internal world of thinking; Hence, when our internal thinking is of limited beliefs and fear, we experience different levels of Hell on earth in our external world.  When we discipline our minds to know the Truth of our true nature, which is all-knowing, infinite power, One-with-all, Divine…. Our external world naturally takes on form of freedom and expression.

Daily Affirmation:  I know that the Universe is working, at all points in time, for my highest good!

Daily Action:  Today, I will follow Thomas Trowards’ principles of how to demonstrate manifesting and demonstrating:

1.  I will create from nothing.  (Meaning, that when we let go of all limited beliefs and all concepts of ‘the way’ things have to be created, we are able to create in ways we never knew possible.  In fact, we don’t even create, we allow.)

2.  I will understanding that everything is unified and that we are individuals and the entire Universe…  We are one with Divine.  (Meaning, that when we truly comprehend that the Universe is always working for our higher good, we are able to harness our infinite power.  We know we can simply create through our intention.)



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