Photo - Reflection

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to understand….

The law of the Universe

 It is working 100% of the time.  The Universe doesn’t play favorites.  It is the servant to the spirit.  How you believe it is, how you think it is… it is!  The Law of the Universe works in direct correlation to your beliefs, thoughts and actions.  It only says yes.  It only knows to do.  It works instantaneously and spontaneously.  The Universe works in perfect harmony.  It is the same Divine nature in every person.  It is harmony. The Law corresponds like a mirror, according to our beliefs.  This Universal Law becomes power only when we recognize it as power. It is only limited by our receptivity to it.  The Universe does not know good from bad, there is only cause and effect.  It is working for your higher good.  The Universe is our greatest teacher. It often teaches in paradoxes…

Daily Affirmation:  My life is unfolding perfectly!

Daily Action:  Today, I will surrender to the perfection of life.  I will notice how everything is showing up as a mirror of my beliefs, for me to grow and expand.  I will notice where I am committed and how the universe will send me miracles to support them!

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