Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we become…

The Clearing

We used to take all of our past baggage of our life and plop it right into the present.  We perceived life as some linear concept, a play that had three acts, Past-Present-future, never considered that our present or future could have nothing to do with our past.  We projecting all of our perceived limitations and constraints into the present, imposing our own mental prison.  We begin to live boldly, letting go of all pre-conceived ways we have viewed people, places and things.  We become the clearing for people to show up in their divinity… We become the clearing for transformation of everything to move beyond the linear realm of time and space.

The context of life completely alters from thinking it is the way it is to knowing we have a say in the matter.  We begin to use the future as a tool to create who we are being in the present.  We project our dreams and who we truly are into the present, releasing the mental chains that once ruled our life.  We step into the realm of miracles!

Daily Affirmation:  I am pure potentiality!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take inventory of what limitations I am projecting from my past into my future.  I will also take inventory of what past limited lens I am projecting on people, places and things presently.  I will let go of my story of the way my life is and begin use my imagination to create from nothing.

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