100% CAUSE


Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we become …

100% Cause

We once became resigned and cynical, accepting people and the world as it was.  Stating things like, “They are the way they are,”  “It is the way it is.”  We realize how there was no power in this way of thinking.  We realize how we were being inauthentic to be okay with relationships and situations that didn’t have integrity.  For example, one of my girlfriends was very unreliable, always flaking on plans we made.  I began to think I needed to just accept her the way she was, ‘reliably unreliable.’  As I began to accept her the ‘way’ she was, I began to feel less and less inspiration around the relationship.  I would justify my way of being, by saying things like, “Well, I unconditionally love her just the way she is and I will just try and enjoy her whenever we get together, but I won’t make any plans that can be broken.”   This was completely inauthentic and dis-empowering.  The truth was that I wanted an empowering friendship that was reliable and one where we could plan fantastic things together.  So, I took a stand to be 100% cause in the matter….  I became willing to stand for what I truly wanted and taking the risk of an uncomfortable conversation.

When we speak from our hearts, being authentic, we regain our integrity.   We no longer settle or become resigned and cynical.  We live life fully and step into our power by being 100% Cause in all areas of our life.  We value our principles and commitments over attachment to outcomes.  We are liberated, with freedom of speech and action!

Daily Affirmation:  I am in the right place, at the right time!

Daily Action:  Today, I will notice any area of my life where I feel dis-empowered.  I will ask myself, “Where in this area of life am I being inauthentic?”  I will boldly take action to get back into my integrity and living my truth!

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