Photo - Freedom Clouds

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we acknowledge our ….

Free Will

The ironic and paradoxical thing about ‘free will’ is…until we realize we are both an individual and the entire universe, we will not fully utilize our potential. How do we do this?  We release all limited beliefs along with our entire belief systems, we step into the grace of our true nature… INFINITE!   We allow our free will to flow through us, as us.  Free will is the purpose of being alive, to overcome the habitual and create from the eternal.  However, with free will also comes full responsibility… Just as we get to be the cause, we also get to have the effects.  For example, remember learning to ride a bike for the first time when you were a kid?   In order to let go of the training wheels, you had to have the courage and take the chance of falling down and possibly skinning your knee.

We acknowledge our fear of accepting the ‘law of free will’ and invoke any failure as an honor badge.  We used to hold on to the delusion that we are the victim of someone or our circumstances because it seemed easier than owning up to the truth that we have ‘free will’, but now we know the truth.  We dance  every chance we get, we sing our favorite song as loud as we can, we swinging as high as we can on the jungle gym of life!

Daily Affirmation:  I abundantly and joyfully take 100% responsibility for my life!

Daily Action:  Today, I will let go of all justifications and stories of me not being total cause in the matter.  I will let go of pretending to be victim of my circumstances, no longer putting on a pity party for myself.  I will stay in gratitude for the gift of ‘free will.’

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