3 Ways to Embody the ‘Witch’ inside this Halloween


4 Ways to Embody the ‘Witch’ inside this Halloween…

1.  Honor The Dead – As we dress up in Halloween costumes to celebrate this day, we also honor the origin, intention and spiritual tradition, which is to honor the dead, our ancestors. We recognize our ancestors that have come before us and that will come after us as well. However, we also recognize that all of our ancestors are here now, with us in the Great Soul that we all embody. There is no time that delineates us or separates us in the spiritual realm.


2.  Use Your Intuition – It is said (In some fairy tale of sort) that witches do not ‘believe’, they ‘know.’  So, as you go out to your party tonight or head to your children’s class Halloween parade, listen to your gut.  Every moment of everyday there lives a voice inside, a feeling that guides our lives and knows the truth.

3.   Manipulate Energy – The greatest ‘Witches’ are master spiritual workers.  We know them in present times as shamans and light workers, but within each of us lives a ‘Witch.’  There is a choice each day and every moment to be a good witch or a bad witch, depending on how you use your energy.  Do you use your energy to create the highest good or do you use your energy to cause chaos and drama?  Become a master of GREATNESS today and everyday!

4.  Release all Fear – We embrace this day with great willingness to live life fully, as we face our fears and enjoy the sweetness of life. We dress to acknowledge and enjoy all of our dark shadows within. We join in our neighborhoods, giving and receiving candy, laughs and spooky thoughts that signify the spectrum of life, one knock at a time. It is like all of life, we can either focus on our fears or our greatness… As we say,”Trick or treat.”

Love, e

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