Photo - Liberation

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we embrace…


We used to perceive commitment as some ‘to do’ list or burden.  As we get clear on what we are committed to, we transform our lives into freedom and bliss.  Living with focus and purpose allows us to step into our power with production and presence.  Everything gets simplified as we weed out all the things that we are not committed to.  We clear out our closets, we clear out our mind chatter, we clear out the riff-raff and we clear our schedules for what really matters to us.  We are free from the chaos and the superficial stuff that isn’t in align with our true desires.  We develop our skills, we evolve the relationships that matter to us and we begin to have lives we love.  We are free!

Daily Affirmation: Life is simply sweet!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take the time to get clarity on what is important to me.  If I do not know what is important to me, I will consider what is not important to me.  I will clear out all the things, events and ‘to do’s’ that are not in alignment with what I am committed to.  I will begin to develop, expand and create what I want to focus on.

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