Photo - Freedom and liberation

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin…

Making Miracles

In the book, ‘Making Miracles’ Lynn Woodland refers to scientific experiments that lead us to the undeniable reality of miracles.  She reminds us that the spiritual realm goes beyond space and time, allowing for the possibility of even creating miracles in our past.   The book is a ‘game changer’ in that it shifts your consciousness with each page, bringing new potentiality into your life!

As we awaken, we begin to see how the One Mind has many names… the Unlimited, the Akashik Records, Collective Consciousness, Source, Divine, Universal Mind, Zero Point Field, etc.  We release all conforms of life as we have known it and step into the infinite…  And with this simple seed of ‘anything and everything’ is possible, transformation happens.  We begin to understand how to ‘Make Miracles.’

Daily Affirmation:  I expect miracles!

Daily Action:  Today, I will quiet my mind and let go of all beliefs of the entire physical universe.  I will use my imagination to think of ‘anything and everything’ that I desire.  I will imagine that I can alter the past, future, space, time, physics, memories, events, etc.  I will allow to dream while I’m awake… miraculous!

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