Photo- Individual & Entire Universe

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we use…

Spiritual Logic

We were once burdened by our limited beliefs.  For some of us, we believed we weren’t worthy of love, for others… they believed they weren’t worthy of abundance of prosperity.  Our limited beliefs were our source of suffering and pain.  Some of us felt we would never be enough or felt we didn’t deserve to have our dreams come true.  Until, we changed our logic…

We began to think from Divine Principle, knowing that everything is created from within.  We begin to recognize that we are one with the source of the entire Universe, Divine.  We unify ourselves in this knowing and step into our truth.  We unveil our liberation as we us Spiritual Logic.  We declare that we are abundant spiritual beings, infinite innovators and Divine Creators.  We are more than worthy of love, because we are love.  We are worthy of prosperity and abundance, because money is our Divine Rite!  Money and love only come from one source, Divine Innovation!   We finally experience this life as rich with love and abundance!!!!

Daily Affirmation:  Not even I can stop the abundance of love everywhere!

Daily Action:  Today, I will give up the lie that I am not worthy of love and prosperity.  I will step into my Divinity and know the truth… I am an infinite innovator.  Instead of seeking love, I will give love.  Instead of seeking money, I will give value.  I will take time to commune with nature, reflecting on the absolute abundance of this Universe!

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