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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to create an…

Extraordinary Community

By the year 2020 one of the biggest issues amongst American Citizens will be isolation and depression.  This is due to many factors that are dividing the body, mind a spiritual connection that naturally projects out into our external world.  Nutrition is a primary factor that begins that divine discord along with computers which have us no longer having to physically get together for work.  We may be able to communicate conveniently via technology, but the rippling effect on real community is becoming devastating.   Our culture has evolved in many ways, people are no longer getting together for church and traditional families are on the fall.  We have come to a turning point where separation is the norm, driving in our individual cars, running our ‘one-man’ show, living separate sad lives.  Isolation and division is the opposite of our true divine nature of coming together.  As we awaken, we realize we need each other.  We need community based on purpose and commitment.  We need human connection!

We begin to create a community of ‘like-minded’ people, getting to the heart of the matter.  We meet up, gather, communicate, organize, synergize, and transcend our communities.   We regain our natural values of communing with nature, surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, engaging in deep conversation and creating new formats.  We realize it is one of our basic needs…….. to have human contact!

Daily Affirmation:  I am extraordinary!

Daily Action:  Today, I will be the change I want to see in the world.  I will proactively create the lifestyle and community I desire.  I will engage in gathering, meet-ups, get-together’s and stay in communication.


  1. It’s true, first, it was the automobile that took people away from the family and community they were raised in. The quest for adventure denied children relationships with grandparents, aunts and uncles. A sense community was then built of strangers, treated as family. Fast forward, faster, faster. Today It is very frustrating when people of great intelligence, can’t take the time to focus on a person, place, or thing, unless scheduled into their lives. I accept this in others, but not in my own life, I choose to be in the here and now. I really love your heart e.


    • I totally understand… It is the biggest issue of the soul! We desire to connect! It is even proven that if an infant doesn’t have human touch it will die. We long for connection from our loved ones and community! We desire tribes… Love you J!!!


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