Photo - The Universe knows

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we…

Take a Stand

Imagine the universe is a judge, listening to your argument at all points in time.  It will grant what ever case you fight the hardest for, scarcity or abundance.  Which case are you arguing for?  Which case do you back with emotion and action?  Where are you sending mixed messages?  The Universe’s only desire is to fulfill its own desire, creativity and expansion of life.  We are one with the Universe, desiring to fulfill our deepest desires.  As we co-create with the universe, we begin to observe where in life we are sending ‘mixed signals’ and therefore are getting mixed results.  We realize we better take a stand for what we want for our lives!

It is an Axiom of this universe that no two things can occupy the same space, so we better make clear what we want.    When we argue for scarcity, we get scarcity.  When we argue for abundance, we get abundance.  The law of the universe and life works very simply, ‘It is done unto us as we believe.’  It is the emotions behind the belief that catapult our actions and instill belief deep into our subconscious to work automatically.  With this knowing we realize we have often been declaring what we don’t want in times of pain.  Now that we are waking up, we take proactive action of prayer, meditation and declaration to know the truth to our soul.

Daily Affirmation:   I am an abundant spiritual being with infinite innovation and creativity!

Daily Action:  Today, I will look at where in life I am sending mixed signals.  I will get clear of what I want to create for my life and commit to taking a stand for it.  I will affirm within my soul my deepest desires.  I will only speak from abundance, live from abundance and create from abundance!


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