Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we allow our…


Knowing there is only One Source, everywhere present, we acknowledge we are One with It.  We celebrate our Divinity!  We begin to tap into Its power and wisdom and use it to expand our consciousness, living life passionately and purposely.  As we quiet down our individual ego-ic mind, we allow our true Divine nature to unfold, like a lotus opening within our hearts and minds.  We open up to the Infinite Intelligence, the Collective Consciousness, the undeniable truth that we are!

We realize that our self-defeating thinking was the cause of our suffering.  All of our problems were based on self-created fear which blinded us from seeing the truth.  Nothing changed, until we changed our thinking, allowing our Divinity to shine through.  We surrender our will and life over to our higher self, letting go of any and all self imposed limitations.  We forgive ourselves for the suffering we caused ourselves.  We also forgive others and any suffering we caused them.  Now, we begin to speak our desires into the ear of the universe, knowing it is done.  We naturally take action that is in accordance with our desires.  We stand in gratitude, knowing life’s only desire is to fulfill our authentic desires.  We are supplied with pure abundance and grace of this life!

Daily Affirmation:  I awaken to my Divinity with every deep breath I take!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take time to meditate and commune with nature.  I will trace any limited belief to the source of when I declared it out of fear, releasing it by declaring the truth.  I will spend time affirming the truth that I am an abundant spiritual being with infinite innovation and creativity!

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