Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we restore our…

Divine Destiny

We are already whole and complete divine spiritual beings, one with the entire Universe, yet we observe how integrity plays into the use of our creative powers.  Being our word is the tool of our integrity, the paintbrush we use upon the canvas of this life.  Maliwada Human Development Training School describes the transformational distinction on this subject as the basis of our destinal resolve.  We move past the moral uprightness and into the realm of workability.  It is no longer a conversation of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but rather a clear source to look at the impact to the world we are creating for ourselves.  “Man is no longer bound by the opinions and codes of his fellow-man, but re-evaluates them on the basis of their IMPACT on his destinal resolve.” The school points to our integrity as the source of our destiny!

We have experienced all different kinds of friends, some that are flaky and others that are clear leaders by the power behind their word.  The world reacts and holds them accordingly to who they are, by their relationship to their word.  We begin to reclaim how the world reacts to us by our relationship to our own word.  Majority of us have experienced angst, having made a personal promise to ourselves only to break it.  People say they want inner peace, yet cause the inner war.  As we walk down our spiritual journey, we take full responsibility for our lives, giving up justifications, excuses and blaming others.   We begin to restore our integrity by acknowledging it within ourselves and to any people whom it impacted.  We put structure into our lives to become our word,  revitalizing our divine birthright.  We release making others wrong for not being their word, accepting where they are in their journey and releasing expectations.  We take back our destiny!

Daily Affirmation: I speak and it is done!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take inventory of where I am not being my word.  I will observe how I have broken trust within myself and with others.  I will take the time to restore my integrity by taking total accountability.

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