Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we use….

The Law of Love

In the book ‘Practicing the Presence’,  Joel S. Goldsmith talks about the ‘Law of Love.’  He says love is like electricity, it can give light, warmth and energy if used constructively or it can cause harm and pain.  We come to realize that love works in the same way as all of life… as one gives, so do they receive.  Goldsmith goes on to state, “We cannot harm anybody, and nobody can harm us… we injure ourselves by the violation of the law of love.  The penalty is always upon the one who is doing the evil, never upon the one whom it is done.  The injustice we do to another reacts upon ourselves; the theft from another robs ourselves…. the person who seems to have been harmed is really blessed.”

We come to realize that we live in a cause and effect universe.  It is the law of giving and receiving, what we put out comes back.  How it comes back, may not be from that exact person or circumstance, but it comes back in a karmic debt.  We learn love can only come from one source, within.  When we allow love to flow through us, it automatically reflects through the law, right back at us.  Joel re-affirms,”There is only one Self, and that which I do to another, I do to my Self.”  We rise to love!

Daily Affirmation:  I let my love shine!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take inventory of where I am experiencing being unloved and begin to give love.  I will observe how my actions or inactions of love are being automatically reflected back to me.  I will clean up and make amends for any past non-loving acts.  I will give gratitude for the infinite love that streams through me.

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