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Straight-Line Leaders

In the book ‘Straight-Line Leaders’ Dusan Djukich points out the difference is between leaders and non-leaders.  He refers to leadership as being skilled to produce and actually producing.  He refers to someone’s ‘inner stance’ as being a culmination of their internal beliefs, determining their ability to be successful or not.  He goes on to make brilliant distinctions of our ‘ways of being’ that have us achieve our dreams or not, he calls it the geometry of success.  “It’s a matter of getting from A to B.  A leader demonstrates his commitment to get to B by his willingness to be “who he needs to be” and do “whatever it takes in the form of necessary required actions” to get to B.”

As we deepen our spiritual practice and realize our calling, things get extraordinarily simple.  We transcend our ‘inner stance’ to Divine Principle, knowing we are abundant spiritual beings capable of infinite innovation.  Now, we set goals, but realize that the horizon we are aiming for always extends, transporting us to a life beyond our wildest dreams!

Daily Affirmation:  Spirit calls and I answer!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take inventory of where I am committed in my determinism and where I am not.  Then I will ask myself, “What is my inner stance and limited beliefs that are having me not be committed?”  Next, I will get clear in my commitment to being a leader and act accordingly.

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