Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to create…

Inner Peace

In order to have change, we must be willing to change.  When things are not working….ask, “What am I not willing to change?”  We get stuck in our ways.  We get stuck in our box.  We get stuck in the way we think life is.  We pretend that we are victims of our circumstances.  We expect a different result by trying to create new people, new places, new things.  As the sayings go, “The more things change, the more they stay the same” and “Everywhere we go, there we are.”

This is it!

If we want world peace, we have to have inner peace first.  We often confuse peace and fulfillment with happiness.  The biggest con in life is that ‘someday’ we will be happy!”  There is no such thing as ‘someday’, all there is NOW!  No circumstance will ever make us happy!  Happiness can only come from within, as with all emotion.  Frustration and anger is also only from one source ever……Ourselves!  We begin to reclaim our power, as we understand the truth.  We begin to create inner peace!

Daily Affirmation:  I am the source of my inner peace!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take inventory of where I am still blaming people, places and things for my disharmony.  I will ask myself where I am unwilling to change and begin to accept what I am creating for myself.  I will witness the patterns within my circumstances.  As I have revelation to my ways of being, I will honor my ‘free will’ and begin to make new choices.

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