Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we release our…

Cross To Bear

To have a ‘cross to bear’ is to have an unpleasant situation or responsibility that one must accept because they can’t change it.  It is something one must endure, carry.  It is the opposite of going with flow, the path of resistance.  We keep swimming against the current, forcing and floundering.  It seems like we all have our ‘cross to bear,’ sometimes it shows up as an addiction, or dysfunctional relationship, workaholism, or just a simple character flaw and ego.  Anything that has us doing things where we know we will never truly create happiness for ourselves.  Essentially, it is anything or any situation where we feel we’re not being true to ourselves.  Our intuition, our knowing, our gut, always speaks to us, but we deny it and go ahead, doing the same thing over and over again.  It is as if we still have hard lessons to learn, like a karmic debt.  It is our CROSS TO BEAR.

We begin to cross over the bridge to the other side of freedom, like a vision of an asian bridge amongst an oriental garden with a beautiful pond below.  The bridge curved with sunlight emerging through a fog in the morning delight.  The journey the top of the bridge takes effort on the first half, a struggle of all efforts.  Crossing over the top we are able exhale, taking a moment for reflection, beginning to see the relativity of the bridge.  The journey down takes a lot less effort.  The bridge becomes a metaphor for the flow of our life and the cross that we bear.  We accept the trials and tribulations patiently, awakening in our consciousness and having revelation, we celebrate life!

Daily Affirmation:  I switch my allegiance and loyalty from ego to my true self, freedom!

Daily Action:  Today, I will ask myself if I am living out of ego or my authentic, true self?   When I am questioning something I will know it is my ego negotiating, sending me mixed signals.   When I have an effortless flow of commitment, I will know that is my true-self guiding me to freedom, fulfillment and peace.

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