Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we become…


To touch the end of time. To walk with the sublime. To dance to the mystique. I stand here with you, cheek to cheek. Mystified and pure.  I feel the gift of life, no longer insecure.  By the light of your eyes.  By the strength of your field.  I saw beyond my mind into a different hemisphere.  Granted the mercy I chose.  From the heavens I rose.  Beyond birth and death.  Beyond pain and suffering.  Beyond the need to need.  I stepped to the side.  Looked as I lied.  Put down the blade.  And began to pray.  With a tear and a sigh.  For, I am no longer a lie.  I blew to the sky.  A kiss of goodbye.  No longer will reside.  The victim must die.  Vicious cycles erased.  We began to embrace.  Our leather and lace.

Daily Affirmation: I am the untouchable, the un-see-able, the unknown, the mystery!

Daily Action:  Today, I will allow life to flow.  I will release trying to force it, control it, change it or fix it.  I will surrender to what is, accepting and stepping into grace.   Then, I will quiet my mind and become one with the almighty, acting on my Divine Will.

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