Photo - The Great OZ

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to….

Believe in Ourselves

In the movie ‘OZ The Great and Powerful,’ the main character is a fraudulent magician and a womanizer that redeems himself through faith. After numerous events, he becomes great and powerful, only to realize he was all along.  He ended up saving the people of Oz and finding love.  All he had to do was believe in himself.  There is a beautiful moment in the movie where the ‘Good Witch’ told Oz he had goodness all along!  This was an amazing distinction of Greatness, goodness is greatness!

What is your greatness?  What is the legacy you would like to leave behind from this lifetime? Do you believe in yourself?  We often forget that it is the same energy to destroy something as it is to create something.  It takes the same energy to become a drug addict, as it takes to create the beautiful music for the world.  Who are you creating yourself to be? What are you creating for the world?  May living your truth set you free!

Daily Affirmation:  I am the believer!

Daily Action:  Today, I will observe what I am creating for myself and my life.  I will notice who I am creating myself to be out in the world.  I will see how I can turn my goodness into greatness, through developing my skills and development.

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